As kratom continues to gain popularity, the number of people using the product for its different benefits continues to increase. It is, therefore, necessary to be better informed on how to use the product. Kratom owes its effects to different alkaloids in the plant. Mitragynine and 7- hydroxymitragynine are the main alkaloids responsible for the benefits attributed to kratom. Kratom is mainly known for its stimulating, sedation and pain relief, but are you aware that there are other lesser known uses of kratom.

Let us look deeper at the rare uses of this product.


The effects of consumption of kratom are diverse, but it is important to note that effects are dose-dependent. Consumption of kratom in high doses is likely to result in constipation, but at low doses, kratom can be used as a remedy for diarrhea. It is believed that the use of kratom slows peristalsis. This is the action of muscles in the gut to push intestinal contents. By slowing muscle movements in the gut; kratom helps to keep the contents for long thus stopping diarrhea. Besides, kratom is able to tighten the sphincters in the gut. Patients with ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease can use kratom to stop diarrhea.

Immune booster

A strong immune system is vital in the fight against infections in our bodies. A weak immune system is unable to resist even simple infections like colds. Kratom has been recognized as an immune booster. It is believed that it has several alkaloids that act to strengthen the immune system.

The alkaloids Isoptreropodine and Isorhynchopylline have been established to stimulate the immune system. Iso Mitraphylline, on the other hand, works as an anti-leukemic agent. Mitragynine is believed to be antihypertensive, and a diuretic. All these alkaloids work together to boost immunity.

These are kratom strains that are believed to have high immune boosting alkaloids; Super Indo yellow kratom, Green Vein Borneo kratom, and Red dragon kratom.

Anti-inflammatory agent

Kratom has over 30 alkaloids. It has several alkaloids that are believed to have anti-inflammatory capabilities. Epicatechin and Rhynchophylline are the two alkaloids present in kratom that have anti-inflammatory benefits. Though they are found in low quantities in kratom, patients suffering from inflammatory conditions have testified of relief after using kratom. People suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’ disease and arthritis can benefit from kratom as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Strains of kratom believed to have high levels of anti-inflammatory agents are; Yellow Borneo, Green Bali and Supper Indo red vein kratom. If you are a kratom distributor or retailer, you can join any wholesale Kratom program from different manufacturers and stand a chance of making good profits and getting the product in bulk.

Enhancing libido

Kratom has also been used for sexual enhancement. This can be as a result of its effects on the muscles, brain and blood circulation. Adequate blood circulation is necessary for a sustained erection. Kratom has been known to stimulate the brain and improve mood, eliminating stress and anxiety. In this way, it can help in boosting libido. Green Vein Borneo kratom and white vein Borneo are the best for sexual stimulation.

Managing diabetes

Use of kratom has been found to be helpful to patients who have diabetes type II. Stress and pain can affect the blood glucose level. It is believed that by acting as an analgesic and a stress reliever kratom is able to maintain the blood glucose at safe levels. No scientific evidence has been linked to its use, though patients suffering from type II diabetes in South East Asia have testified to better control of blood sugar levels by using kratom.

Kratom has many pronounced benefits like pain relief, stimulation, and sedation, but other uses are less known as I have highlighted above. Communities in regions where kratom was traditionally grown have utilized this plant for numerous health benefits.

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