During these worrying times, the importance of keeping up with your own health and wellbeing is unprecedented. However, staying at home for long periods with your significant other can present opportunities for you to practice at-home self-care together. 

Whether this be to de-stress or re-align your thoughts, at-home therapies provide countless benefits to your mental wellbeing. Join us as we take a detailed look at some of the best therapies to try at home together with your partner.

  1. Meditation.

Meditation as a form of therapy has been practised around the world for thousands of years

With stress being one of the leading concerns for people in the UK, meditation has been found to evoke a sense of relaxation in our brains, helping repair our bodies and aid a good night’s sleep. 

There are plenty of resources that you and your partner can utilise to start your meditation journey – from apps to articles, to books and video tutorials. Trying out meditation as practice together at home can lead to an increase in productivity, happiness and feelings of calm. 

It has also been linked to a reduction in blood pressure and heart disease and can even help aid mental wellbeing, anxiety and depression. 

  1. Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils that stimulate the part of the brain that regulates emotions, relieving stress and contributing to your ability to sleep

Once you have chosen your essential oils, there are many ways to try aromatherapy at home. Whether you relax in a warm bath married with a few drops of essential oils, create a hand or foot bath for you and your partner to soak in, or take advantage of the reflex points believed to connect to stress points throughout your body, there are a number of ways to stimulate your senses at home.   

What’s more, you can even try out your essential oils in an oil diffuser. Choose a few drops of your preferred aromatic blend, add them to the water and fill the room with an undoubted sense of calm.

  1. Talking Therapy.

When looking for therapies that you and your partner can try at home, the benefits of talking to one another should be considered. Communication exercises is a commonly used therapeutic practice for couples who want to feel closer to one another. However, there are some ways that you can use this framework within your own home. 

Take the time to re-learn about one another by asking questions or airing out issues. Curate lists of questions, whether they be fun, fantastical or personal and share in a supportive and collaborative environment. 

Perhaps consider using online resources for inspiration, or explore imagined scenarios with one another to create opportunities for you to both express your thoughts, feelings and desires. Talking therapies can not only help with feelings of negativity but also provide a way to reconnect with one another and strengthen your relationship.

  1. Yoga.

For a hands-on way to get a therapeutic benefit through exercise, yoga is a great way to not only strengthen the body but also improve your mood. 

Yoga as a practice is known for its ability to improve emotional health, reduce stress and help with feelings of anxiety. So, why not try it with your partner? Place your yoga mats alongside one another as you try out a beginners session of yoga – learn the poses and breathing techniques that align your mind-body connection. 

Not only will you start to explore the countless health benefits that yoga can provide but you and your partner can also learn a skill together that can be practised near-enough anywhere. Encourage each other to improve your abilities while working towards enhancing your flexibility, perfecting your posture and improving your balance. 

  1. Art Therapy.

Finally, one of the more creative ways to help improve your inner wellbeing is to grab your crafting supplies, get painting and use art as an outlet for any negativity you are holding onto. Explore the countless ways in which colour and crafts can help relieve feelings of tension or apprehension. 

Whether you use coloured pencils to channel your emotions or put together a journal of your happiest memories, using art therapies together as a couple can be a fun and relaxing way to help alleviate stress. Plus, you never know, you may even discover a hidden talent you never knew you had. 

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