We all undergo stress and become anxious one way or the other.

Having to meet deadlines, financial problems, and even our relationships sometimes put us under stress.

According to the American Psychological Association, the stress level among Americans has increased astronomically. Many are coping with moderate to high stress.

But is there any remedy for stress and anxiety?

In this challenging world coupled with our desire for accomplishment, it is almost impossible to totality eliminate these conditions from our lives. The most important thing now is how we deal with it as it happens.

But do you know that you may be dealing with the condition the wrong way? How sure are you that the mechanisms you adopted are not harming you instead of saving you? Read on to know the 4 unhealthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety.

  1.    Over-reliance on Caffeine

Ideally, your first response to fighting stress is to get help from a professional. But this is not the case for many people. Many of us take solace in consuming a lot of caffeine when stress shows its ugly face. Occasional use of coffee or an energy drink may be harmless. It only becomes a problem when you start over-relying on it for your daily activities. Caffeine gives you temporal alertness, but in the long-term cause sleep problems. It also causes agitation and makes you edgy which worsen your stress. You can also check on what caffeine does to the body?

  1.    Excess Alcohol Intake

Heavy stress can sometimes force you to stay away from friends, family and become lonely. In your loneliness, you may fall for alcohol intake, which has become a way some people cope with stress. In the short term, alcohol will act as a depressant to control your anxiety. Nonetheless, extended excessive use will increase it. It can also result in other health complications including liver diseases.

  1.    Overeating or Undereating

Some people deal with their stress eating whatever they come across. Others also lose appetite in the process. Whichever side you fall, know that you are in for trouble. Healthy ways of managing your stress never include overeating or undereating.  

Craving for food especially junks, carbs, and sugary drinks cause obesity and other health problems. On the other hand, not eating means your body won’t get the nutrient it requires. So in the end, you may compound your stress with mood swings, lack of concentration, and tiredness.

  1.    Compulsive Buying

It’s never a bad idea going out shopping once a while. The outing can be a great way of releasing stress and shopping can be great. But this becomes a problem when you do compulsive buying. Compulsive shopping leads to wasting money on things you don’t even need. The worse thing is that some people take a loan to satisfy this new shopping addiction. As a result, they fall into debt, and that adds up to the stress.


Stress is a silent killer claiming many lives unsuspectedly. It is therefore not out of place to employ mechanisms to deal with it. However, if care is not taken, you may be adding up to the already existing problem. Taking effective measures to cope with stress and anxiety is therefore critical.

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