When you and your better half are planning for a baby, the man must have healthy sperm or semen count. Sufficient semen count helps you to conceive and become pregnant in less time. For a successful pregnancy, one egg and one sperm are enough. Then, why does your man need more sperm to make you pregnant? When your partner ejaculates during sex, the possibilities that one sperm would reach and fertilize the egg improves when more semen volume is present in male sperm.

According to an article published on BBC.com, scientists cite that an hour of workout thrice a week may increase men’s ability to boost their semen count. Here are four tips for men to produce healthy sperm:

  1. Shed off excess fat

Sweating it out at the gym and losing weight is one of the best ways men can boost their sperm count. Several studies indicate that weight loss could considerably improve the volume of semen, movement, and its concentration in men together with overall sperm health. Men with high body mass index or BMI could lose much weight and even little amount of weight loss help them to become fathers.

Get in touch with your physician to help you get started. You might need to talk to your doctor about diet plans, change in lifestyle and eating habits, and collaborating with a trainer for the best exercise program.

  1. Switch to vitamins

Did you know that vitamins D, C, and E are essential for your semen health? Even CoQ10 will boost your sperm count. Therefore, instead of wondering how to increase semen volume with pills, switch to these vitamins after consulting your physician.

A study shows that consuming 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily will boost men’s semen concentration as well as mobility. It might not improve the total sperm count, but the male semen will become thicker, concentrated, and gain more mobility to move swiftly to fertilize the female egg. It increases the possibility of conceiving and becoming pregnant.

  1. Stay away from addiction

Did you know that poor sperm count has been linked to substance abuse? People with a long history of chain-smoking, drinking alcohol heavily, and consuming illegal drugs such as anabolic steroids and cocaine have low semen count and fail to make their wife pregnant.

If you’re addicted to any of these hazardous substances, quit them now if you are planning for a baby. Smoking and drinking parents also pose health risks to the newborn as well. Consult with your physician and he can suggest programs and medications and help you get rid of your addiction.

  1. Avoid too much biking

Biking for a long time leads to low sperm count, more so if you bike for over five hours every week. You can get your bike checked for a proper fit and ensure your testicles do not get heated as it lowers sperm count.

Final words

If you decide to have a baby, ensure that you embrace a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits for healthy sperm production.

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