Is your Workplace up to Health and Safety Standards?

There are many companies operating around the world that don’t follow the right health and safety procedure. The requirements are different for every business and this can lead to some confusion for employers. In fact, they usually only realise they’re not up to standard when an accident occurs!

Here are some ways that you can double check if your workplace is up to this standard, as well as what you could do to improve it.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

Anyone within a workplace can conduct a risk assessment to improve the safety of the workforce. This is a great way to highlight issues to your employer, which perhaps you just deal with day to day. You can submit this with suggested changes too, so you could point out a problem but also provide a possible solution.

Fire Safety and Drills

When was the last time you had a fire drill at work? Part of what makes a fire drill effective is that everyone in the area has practiced it and knows what to do in an emergency. You may have a sign somewhere in your workplace telling you what to do in case of a fire, but be sure to practice this on a regular basis so you’re in the habit.

Make Sure you’re Stocked up on Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential, whether you’re dealing with spills or hazardous waste. If you don’t already have the right safety equipment in place, MFASCO Health & Safety Co is a great website to visit which has a wide variety of safety equipment, from sharps disposal units to biohazard protection.

Making sure that you have this to hand means that the entire workplace is much safer. Keep an eye on the levels of stock that you have too, if you run out of certain equipment then you won’t be able to use it until you get more stock in, which isn’t always idea.

Keep a Log of Accidents

An accident report book will also give you a head start in making for a safer workplace. Taking note of accidents is extremely important for the employee and the employer, it also helps to look back on these to figure out if they could have been avoided.

This can also filter into the risk assessment, as you can find hazards within the book that keep causing accidents and then come up with ideas to improve them. These needn’t be massive improvements either, they can be as simple as marking out a step that causes a lot of trips.

Appoint a Responsible Person

Sometimes, workplace health and safety doesn’t get a lot of attention because there isn’t an appointed person to take care of it. Making this person responsible means that they’re actively paying attention to the overall health and safety. They can be in charge of the risk assessment, accident book and any concerns that other employees may have.

Workplace health and safety is of massive importance, to both the employer and to the employee. If you don’t feel that your workplace is up to scratch then take these steps to improve it, your co-workers will thank you!

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