Women are more concerned about foot care and foot health than men, even though the need to care for them remains the same. Proper foot care is vital for overall good health because it is the foundation of the body. Taking the foot for granted, as most men do, affects the overall health. To avoid such problems, men must take proper care of their feet and feel the Podiatrist in Guelph Ontario, who knows how important it is to ensure a better quality of life.  To ensure adequate foot care, you must seek professional guidance from a Podiatrist who is an expert in foot health and can help prevent diseases and disorders of the foot.

Men should pay attention to proper nail care and start taking care of their feet. The unsightly toenails that look like bear claws should be filed regularly to establish appropriate grooming rituals that help bring those talons into shape.

To maintain the health and appearance of their feet, men can follow the tips discussed below.

Wear a fresh pair of socks each day

Feet experience sweating and the socks become soggy when worn for long hours. To prevent excessive sweating, it is advisable to change the socks during the day if possible or wear a fresh pair of socks every day. Excessive sweating leads to a condition called hyperhidrosis when the feet start slipping inside the shoes. This condition can cause foot odor and infections. To control foot sweating podiatrists advice using socks made of breathable fabrics like cotton. Apply aluminum hexahydrate to the feet that act like antiperspirant to control sweating effectively.

Wash your feet with soap and water

Athletes’ foot can occur due to unclean feet, and you must wash your feet every day with soap and water to avoid the problem or keep it under control. Wearing tight-fitting shoes that do not breathe well together with sweaty feet can aggravate the problem that manifests in the form of itchy and scaly rashes that can be occasionally painful. Occasional blistering can happen too, and it can be contagious. Spraying the inside of the shoes with Lysol daily and using anti-fungal medications can cure the condition.

Cut toenails straight across

Cut your toenail in small cuts instead of trying to make one big cut and before cutting sterilize the nail clipper by rubbing alcohol. Do not dig at the corners of the toenail. Cut straight across while leaving the nails a little long.  Trying to cut nails too much short can expose the nail plate to weakening or new infection. Cut mails when it is dry because wet nails are softer and may tear.

Keep your foot completely dry

Dry your feet completely after washing and especially dry the areas between the toes. Avoid applying lotion between the toes because it can cause ulceration or break down tissues.

Avoid taking a hands-on approach in tackling benign foot issues and refrain from undertaking bathroom surgery. To treat calluses, do not remove pieces of your flesh but use a pumice stone or padding inside the shoes.

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