Allergic rhinitis is a common problem and most people go through that. The allergic reactions happen due to allergens and that is why it is seasonal. When these allergens are present in the atmosphere people can get allergic reactions to that. You heal from that allergic reaction on your time but symptoms need to be relieved. To relieve those symptoms you have to use medication and Nasacort s one of those medications. There are many other such medications available as well from the same or different classes.


Nasacort as you already know is used for the treatment of allergy symptoms. It’s used to relieve the symptoms of seasonal or yearlong allergies as well. The main drug in this medicine is the Triamcinolone which belongs to the corticosteroid class of drugs. Triamcinolone acts by reducing the inflammation because of the allergic reaction. It provides relief to symptoms like runny or itchy nose and eyes of the allergic reactions. Reduction of inflammation in the nasal passage can help relieve the symptoms for a while.

How to use Nasacort

Nasacort is available in the form of the nasal spray. It is to be spray within the nasal cavity and one thing that you should be careful of is that you shouldn’t get it in your eye. You can spray it in by placing the applicator within the nasal cavity and while holding the other side close. The dosage depends on how much your doctor advises. It may vary based on the person’s condition and age as well.  Usually, 2 sprays in one nostril are what that is normally advised. Dose is

Side effects

The side effect is a common thing in medicine. Every medicine has some side effects and so does Nasacort. You usually experience side effects like nosebleeds and unpleasant smell by the use of Nasacort nasal spray. These side effects don’t last for long but if they do you need to address this issue and tell your doctor about it. Another thing that your doctor should know is if you have any prior allergies to this specific drug.


Precautions that you need to know about Nasacort are that you should tell your doctor your complete medical history. This is how you will be able to avoid any inconvenience with the use of this medication. You also shouldn’t be using this for a longer period. If you don’t feel any relief to the symptoms you should see your doctor again.

Nasacort vs. other drugs

Nasacort vs. Nasonex vs. Flonase is the comparison you need to understand because these drugs are used in common when it comes to seasonal allergies. Nasacort is more similar to Flonase. Because both have similar side effects but Flonase can be used for children under 4 years old while you can give Nasacort for the children above 2 years old. Nasacort and Nasonex differ from each other in the matter that Nasonex can also treat nasal polyps while Nasacort can’t. Nasacort is also not used for the relief of seasonal allergic rhinitis which Nasonex does.

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