Having a sewer line that is backing up is really frustrating especially when you do not know what to do. For the majority of homeowners, it looks like it usually takes place at the most convenient times. Sometimes, they can prevent or anticipate it and worst it turned out to be an emergency that obliges a sewer drain cleaning.

In fact, a sewer line back-up is normally caused by waste as well as water coming back to your house, commonly through the lowest level shower or bathroom toilet or a surface drain in the underground room. So as a result, the sewage is not able to exit into the sewer simply because there are blockages in the sewer line.

On the other hand, it is definitely unpleasant and dirty, and whether you like it or not it can cause major destruction to your properties. So as a homeowner, it is very important that you should know what to do if your sewer line is backing up and when you need a sewer line cleaning.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of warning signs you may possibly notice if you are experiencing a sewer line back up and here are the following.

Warning Signs of Sewer Line Back Up

  • Experience babbling in the toilet
  • Hear funning noises from the drain lines especially when your washing machine is being used.
  • See waste residue or water nearby a floor drain

However, if you already encountered any of these warning signs make sure to call an expert in sewer drain cleaning, to prevent waste and water coming back to your home.

Nevertheless, there are several shops out there who are offering a sewer drain cleaning service. So if you think that your sewer line has a problem don’t hesitate to call for their help. A persistent foul odor can be an indication of a serious drainage issue cautions Marvel Sewer and Drain.

How to Avoid a Sewer Line Back Up

The most common cause of a sewer back up is the buildup of roots in the sewer line. However, roots are good enough to penetrate sewer pipe joints, but once they grow they can totally close the sewer line.

Moreover, roots also act as a strainer, letting water to pass while collecting feminine products, paper, plastic, bottles, and other stuff that causes a greater clog.

Fortunately, you can prevent this kind of situation from happening by making an early preventative maintenance. But if you can’t do it, as what was mentioned a while ago you can hire a specialist to do the task for you. In fact, they will be cleaning your sewer line monthly or twice a year depending on your desire.

How to Reduce the Damage

If you notice some of the warning signs, make sure to clean it immediately to reduce the damage. However, when you have an on the go sewer line back up, make sure not to use your water or plumbing systems to avoid further damage. In other words, do not use your dishwasher, washing machine, toilet, bathroom, or sink until you sewer line has been cleared. Because if you continue to use it can bring additional waste to your line.


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