For those with socialist tendencies, the world of work can seem an incredibly dispiriting place; all backstabbing, hostile and hawk-like boardrooms in which social inequalities are perpetuatedin a system that you have fundamental disagreements with. Happily, though, there are career paths in which you can feel liberated and ethical, standing steadfast with your principles and helping the world. Below are listed four valuable resources, all of which, with the right training and dedication, will enable you to begin a brand new career in your chosen sector.


E-Learning to Train as a Health Worker


You don’t have to be a trained doctor or nurse to work in the NHS, one of the biggest and best examples of a socialist organisation in the world. Due to the sheer size of the health service in the UK, there’s call centre jobs, administrative positions, care worker roles and ambulance driver possibilities for anyone who wants to join one of the largest employers in the world in maintaining a not-for-profit organisation. Joining the NHS may require extra training, however, there are numerous websites dedicated to providing effective and affordable e-learning solutions. There’s a great deal of respect afforded to health workers, and a great deal of fulfilment to be found in a career in the NHS.


The free Chrysalis Course Guide to Becoming a Counsellor


Another health working position, this time inside mental health, counselling involves conversing with a variety of people from all walks of life who are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties in one way or another. It’s a caring, thoughtful and hugely beneficial job and one which is ever-more necessary in a world in which depression and anxiety rates are continuing to rise. This is where the free Chrysalis Course Guide to Becoming a Counsellor, available to order online, comes into its own. You can use this resource to see whether a career in mental health might be for you. Along with the guide, you get the opportunity to speak to a qualified counsellor, one-to-one. This career path certainly one of the more heart-warming jobs, helping people overcome their personal problems in the face of stress and anxiety.


Volunteering at a Charity


Volunteering is at the heart of a socialist mindset; it involves the donation of your time to causes that you feel a particular affinity with, overcoming the traditional work/pay conception of how to live your life. Of course, everyone requires an income of some sort, though, and you’ll be able to find paid positions at most UK charities, often advertised on charity websites, for which you’ll receive a wage for working on some of the most important non-governmental issues presently affecting life in the UK and around the world.


Hands-on Experience at Social Initiatives


From book groups to craft evenings, children’s playgroups to adult learning centres, social initiatives of all kinds are a part of the socialist ethos. They aim to help society grow stronger together than the sum of their parts, by establishing a sense of community and well-being that supports some of the least advantaged in society. You may wish to join an operating initiative or, if your area seems to be lacking in something that might help lonely or directionless people, you are free to apply for funding to set up a social initiative of your own – simply search online for social funding and draw up a proposal.

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