Suboxone is assumed to be a safe drug used for medicinal purposes. Though Suboxone treatment may be safe, it may affect your bedroom performance. Depending on your body, you may experience problems when it comes to your sex life. This also depends on how long you have been abusing Suboxone. Even though many users report cases such as lack of sex drive caused by the drug, some say that this situation is temporary and believe that it passes after a while. No evidence has been reported to support such claims.

Would you still risk being dependent on a drug that affects your performance in bed? Even though Suboxone may have its benefits, long-term use has been associated with cases of impotence. People have different bodies that react differently to such drugs but misusing such powerful substances could take away your manhood. Statistics show that people between ages 30-39 who use Suboxone for more than six months are at high risk of becoming impotent. We will look at who is more prone to fertility problems caused by Suboxone, and how to stir up your sex life as you withdraw from Suboxone.

How does Suboxone affect your sex life?

Suboxone is an opiate in itself that affects your testosterone levels. If you are using Suboxone to reduce the side effects of opioids, your serotonin levels must go down as you withdraw from the drug. This, in turn, lowers your libido taking away the need for companionship. It also increases your prolactin levels which may cause erectile dysfunction.

 Does it affect everybody?

Every person has a unique biochemical makeup. This is what makes some people have problems with their sex life while on the drug while others may not notice any difference. Those who are more prone to getting affected experience pain and anxiety. High-stress levels as well as depression while taking Suboxone may also affect your sex drive.

If you have become dependent on the drug, it means that your system has adapted to producing high levels of prolactin. Being dependent on the drug increases the chances of performing poorly in bed. Your level of blood cholesterol may also affect your sexual strength and cause heavy breathing after a short while. This makes you exhausted during sex and inhibits you from performing as expected. Cases of high blood pressure and abuse of Suboxone affects your sex life. All the symptoms may lead to impotence if one does not choose to abstain from the drug.

Effects of Suboxone on Sex life


Erectile dysfunction

Taking Suboxone for long may hinder the normal erection even when you are aroused. This affects your relationship causing psychological problems due to the distress of not rising to the occasion. You may start feeling insecure and despair due to the uncontrollable situation. It may also affect your partner as it causes self-blame on them.

Pre-mature ejaculation

Using Suboxone in high amounts may lead to an embarrassing situation of coming as soon as you begin. This leaves both you and your spouse dissatisfied and may cause unfaithfulness in a relationship.  It also increases anxiety in a person, and stress levels may elevate. Save your marriage by visiting a Suboxone clinic to help you get clean so that you can ejaculate as desired.

Low libido


Low libido happens in both genders where a woman under Suboxone can also lack the need for sex. Masturbation may also be difficult in men. Other people experience lack of orgasms caused by misuse of Suboxone. The low sex urge may aggravate their partner since lack of communication makes people have multiple sexual partners.


Suboxone may also cause weakness in a man in that they suffer fatigue after a short time during sex. Many complain of Suboxone users who perform poorly in bed leading to severe complications in sexual bonds. The drug also causes excessive sweating when performing sexual activities.

Menstrual irregularities

Abuse of Suboxone can cause hormonal imbalances in a woman affecting the regular menstrual cycle. This change may make her lose track of her period leading to an unplanned pregnancy when having sex without protection.

 How to reverse such effects

Suboxone detox

Looking out the window

The most natural method to bring back your sex life is to detox from the drug. Find a Suboxone rehab that helps you detox as they monitor your withdrawal symptoms. Getting clean requires your commitment because losing your marriage to a drug that you can overcome is not worth it.


You can also use some natural supplements that increase your sex drive as you abstain from Suboxone. Supplements such as Maca Root Powder have been tested and proven to give you back the energy for you to go more rounds during sex. Such a supplement also improves your sexual stamina and takes care of erectile dysfunction.


Proper counseling is essential to boost your self-esteem as you abstain from Suboxone abuse. You could also take counseling sessions that involve you and your partner so that you can mend your sexual relationship through open communication. Such meetings help partners avoid self-blame so that you can work together to improve your sex life as well as fight your dependence on the drug.


Your doctor may prescribe impotence medicines that have nitric oxide to boost erections and increase sexual pleasure. Antidepressants can also help you calm anxiety to fight withdrawal symptoms. Combining medication with a proper diet enables you to overcome Suboxone cravings and improves your sexual stamina.


Start working out and achieve the numerous benefits of such activities which include reversing impotence. Studies show that exercises increase testosterone levels in your body. A set of workouts a day also give you the energy you require for your Suboxone treatment. It also boosts the creation of endorphins in your system that helps you fight anxiety so that you can be in a better mood for sex.

Final thoughts

Abstaining from Suboxone may save your relationship since you are not at risk of poor sexual performance. Since the side effects differ with individuals, you should not try using it just because your friends claim that it is safe and legal. For those that are having problems in their sex life caused by too much of Suboxone, use the methods of treatment such as medication, therapy and exercise to boost your sex drive.








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