With the relatively recent legalization of hemp products in several United States regions, Canada, and a number of other countries, an explosive new market for CBD is now open and booming. Some economic forecasts anticipate that this market will be worth $22 billion by 2022, potentially surpassing the market for marijuana. With such exceptional growth, companies of every size are jumping on the bandwagon to produce their own CBD based products, providing buyers with a vast range of choices from storefronts, online resources, and manufacturers. While this all sounds great for the final consumer, if you are considering to enter the market as a business, then the smart move would be to buy wholesale CBD materials. In this article, we share with you the three main reasons why. 

Sourcing pure, high-quality products 

Entering the market as a CBD player can be overwhelming, especially at first, whether you’re making a decision as a buyer or consumer. There are countless CBD products in the market, and in terms of figuring out what’s what; which have been cheaply produced; how many have been sourced from a dubious crop of hemp; and which batch was mixed with fillers; it can get very tricky very fast. A perk to buying wholesale is that you can pretty much rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth with a product that has been vetted and tested for purity. 

The best way to achieve this is research – one of the first things you need to consider before working with a specific producer or manufacturer is their history, their operations, and what they are all about. You should always go to farmers or engineers with a detailed understanding of the entire process of cultivation and distillation, and not just any entrepreneur looking to turn a quick buck. 

Buying wholesale will allow you to investigate your potential manufacturer’s processes, and the specialists they use when creating cannabidiol-based products. It’s always good to remember that a quality CBD vendor takes a farm-to-filtration and seed-to-shipping approach to their products. This will show you that they thoroughly understand all facets of the CBD business, and will proudly show you where their products originate, how they extract the cannabidiol, and how they test their purity. 

Another aspect of checking the quality of the product you buy is understanding the genetics of the plant. A good telling point is that a good CBD manufacturer uses state-of-the-art scientific research to develop the best strands of hemp that produce the highest yield of cannabidiol, and will be happy to share the details with you, their potential client. 

Needless to say, going for organic products has been always superior to other options. Naturally, products grown without the use of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation is always a better choice. To this end, organic CBD is one that has been produced under these stringent conditions; extracted from organically-grown hemp, and then processed with no synthetic chemical additives.

Creating your own product range 

As explained, investing in wholesale CBD products – such as isolated or distillate – usually means that you will be paying for purer variants than the products you would find in a retail shop. Dealing with a trusted brand supplying cannabinoids will guarantee that you know exactly where your product came from, precisely who handled it, and that you don’t have to worry about second-guessing how it’s processed. 

As an entrepreneur, purchasing raw CBD products wholesale will grant you the base that you can use to create your unique product. For instance, if your chosen niche is a CBD-infused coffee drink, gummies, foods, or a whole range of healthy shakes and smoothies, you can create those with wholesale CBD isolate or distillate. Or maybe you are more interested in producing your own cosmetics, skincare, or health and wellness line with CBD. In all of those cases, buying wholesale CBD based products will be your best bet for creating high-quality products at a reasonable end cost. 

Enjoying a competitive pricing strategy and a decent profit margin 

Much like any other product, buying wholesale CBD will typically cost you less than purchasing at retail price, giving you an edge over your competition. When you purchase your material produced in bulk, you are buying more CBD upfront, at a lower cost-per-unit than you would from a retail shop or online store. This means that even though your initial one-time cost may seem higher, you’ll actually end up with a larger quantity of  the high-quality CBD at a lower price per batch. It is an approach that will grant you enough room to plan for a competitive product pricing strategy, retain your customers, and reap a decent margin of profit at the same time.

Just like any other business, as you plan for your tactics and sourcing strategies, you must always do your thorough research and give it the time and effort it deserves. As an entrepreneur, the last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on enough materials to create your products, only to discover that you went the wrong way with a sub-par vendor, or got stuck with low-quality stocks. When you are looking into your potential suppliers, ask all the questions that come to mind. Any trustworthy producer will have no problem with responding to all of your inquiries, giving you details about their operations and resources, and even giving you tours through their facilities. 

Last but not least, it’s always good to remember that going to a local vendor saves you a lot of hassle, like logistical and supply chain issues; high transportation costs; and communication struggles. It is also good for the environment and your local community. 

Buying wholesale CBD will not only help your business compete, grow, and survive, but it will also help your consumers get high-quality products made from pure materials and sourced from trusted suppliers. It’s a win-win strategy for keeping your customers happy, healthy, loyal, coming back for more, and supporting your business with good word-of-mouth – the best marketing tool there is. 

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