In the coming years, it is very likely that the UK will begin to see more and more private doctors set up in places up and down the country. This is largely due to the increasing privatisation of the NHS, which is causing plenty of controversy and has been a mainstay in the news for a long time now.

A Struggling NHS System

Regardless of where you stand on the matter, the number of private doctors where patients pay for their service instead of free medical care is on the rise. The quality of care from the NHS is fantastic (in most cases), but it is a system under immense strain and patients are now suffering through lengthy waiting times, lack of beds and staff that are overworked who struggle to juggle all of their patients. This led to the government encouraging private firms to get involved to reduce waiting times. As a result, parts of the NHS service have been privatised and now you will often find both private and NHS under one roof.

Benefits of Private Care

For those that are able to afford it, private care is beneficial because it is faster, more personal and provides options in terms of where to be treated. What the future holds remains to be seen with so much uncertainty in the air, but the UK will certainly see an increasing amount of private doctors surgeries set up. Doctors may make the switch to private because they can receive better pay and not work as many hours as they have to under the cash-strapped NHS.


In addition to this, it seems that more and more people are willing to pay to see a private doctor. This is because NHS surgeries are struggling to cope with some believing that they are “rationing care”, whereas a private surgery can offer same or next day appointments and lengthy consultations. When lives are at stake, it is clear that patients will want fast and efficient services, which the NHS is struggling to provide at the moment. However, there are also those that will not be able to afford to pay to see a private doctor and this is where the problem lies.

Setting Up

Private doctors surgeries can also be quick and easy to set up and this is evident with how many have been established within the last few years. Property management companies like LCP can help private doctors to get set up and running with suitable properties available up and down the country.

Regardless of where an individual stands on health care and privatisation, one thing is clear and that is that the NHS is (currently) unsustainable and in crisis. Something will have to change in the near future for it to continue in this country, otherwise, we will continue to move to a U.S-style healthcare system. Private doctors are already on the rise and some Brits are eager to make the switch so that they can get the healthcare they need quickly, without the waiting time and with more attention.

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