Thousands of men worldwide have a premature ejaculation problem with their partners. Some men are lucky and can find ways to live with it, but the majority of them go through a lot of issues in their relationships because of PE. Not a lot of men talk about their performance issues openly, but the causes vary and they are treatable. If you want to have a better sex life with your partner and a healthier body, then read on to learn more about the possible causes of PE and how to treat each cause effectively. 


You can’t deny that depression plays a significant role in your performance in bed. You should understand that depression has physical symptoms and it’s not just in your head. If you find yourself constantly depressed and sad, this can negatively impact your sex life. Depression is not just about your mental state because you will always feel tired, fatigued, and lacking energy when you’re depressed. If you are still emotionally troubled and you’re feeling pain mentally and physically, then you will have more PE occurrences when you’re with your partner. You should fix your depression issues first by talking with your partner and pouring all your repressed feelings out. Also, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help from a psychiatrist. It will take some time, but you can slowly fix your mental and physical state to have a better life without any performance issues in bed.

Lack of Hormones

If your body starts to lack hormones like serotonin, then your brain will always trigger quick orgasms and PE. They call serotonin a happy chemical because it helps your physical wellbeing and keeps you happy. Most doctors would prescribe medication and pills for it, but you need to  learn about premature ejaculation pills because not all medicines can treat PE. You should avoid purchasing any over-the-counter pills because they have adverse side effects. Also, you can never know what is truly inside those pills. This is why you should always stick to a doctor’s prescription. Doctors will know which medication is safe and has the right components that can increase your serotonin levels and delay your PE. This is because of the increased neurotransmitter serotonin in your brain when you take the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) to make your mind delay the orgasm.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues

Another cause of PE can be confidence and self-esteem issues. The problem is that some men lack confidence in themselves and their bodies. They might be thinking that they are not good enough for their partner. Thousands of men have several reasons for their lack of confidence and it can cause a lot of anxiety. This will lead to erectile dysfunction, performance issues in bed, and premature ejaculation. You should understand that your partner will not ridicule or mock your body. Talk with them, tell them what is making you nervous and anxious, and they will reassure you that you’re fine. You can use medication, go to couple’s counseling, or you could just be open with your partner. Communication and reassurance are all you need to get your confidence back. You can get past PE with your partner by getting encouragement, proper medication, and communication.

Old Age

Men might suffer from PE because of old age. Men that are 40 years old or above can develop these occurrences because their testosterone levels gradually decrease. As you grow older, your body slowly produces fewer hormones and that can be the cause of your PE. It can be paired with ED too, and it’s common among some men at that age. This isn’t your fault because that’s how the human body is. The best way to treat this is to get prescribed testosterone boosting medication or start a special diet. This will help you level your hormones and you will feel much better and healthier. You will notice positive changes when you’re intimate with your partner after taking the medication and eating the right food. You will gradually increase your performance, improve your erection, and delay your orgasm appropriately.

The frustration and embarrassment because of PE can make men’s lives miserable. It makes the lives of couples a lot more complicated since that frustration will only increase men’s performance anxiety levels tremendously. If this happens to you occasionally and not so often, then you shouldn’t worry about it. But if it’s a constant occurrence and you’re beginning to lose hope, then you just need to find the mental or physical reasons that cause PE and try to treat them. You need to understand that there is a solution for everything in the world, even premature ejaculation

Image source: pixabay

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