Staying healthy and getting enough sleep, go hand in hand. Many health experts will tell you, there is no way you can stay healthy without getting enough sleep. But what if you cannot get enough sleep due to your job or other commitments, does that mean that your health is doomed? Is there a way you can stay healthy while still sleeping less?

Surprisingly, there is. As it turns out, your body does not need sleep because it needs relaxation, but because it is fatigued. And at the end of the day, we spend most of our hours awake, whether we get enough sleep or not.

Still, good quality sleep is better for improved productivity and optimal health. But there is a way you can still achieve these important goals even while sleeping less, as we will find out below.

1. Reduce your coffee intake

We get it, your daily dose of caffeine gives you the energy boost you need to start your day refreshed and in high gear. But going beyond one cup by indulging in this beloved beverage throughout the day can do more harm than good, especially when you don’t have all the time in the world to get all the sleep you need to stay healthy.

Drinking too much coffee makes you fatigued and dehydrates your body. Obviously, the more fatigued your body is, the more sleep it needs, and if enough hours of sleep is not a luxury you can afford, then drinking too much coffee is the last thing you should do.

So, don’t drink too much coffee; or at the very least, reduce your coffee intake.

2. Stay hydrated

Water can do wonders to the body, even when it is reeling from the effects of inadequate sleep. So, make sure you hydrate your body properly by drinking enough healthy fluids. Enough water keeps your tissues healthy and makes you more alert.

Water will also boost oxygen flow, especially to the brain, giving it the power it needs to lose any feelings of fatigue that might still be lingering around after your reduced hours of sleep.

3. Move around and stretch

After you wake up, take a few steps, and they will give you a more productive and exciting day. You can jog, walk briskly, stretch, and do other slight exercises. These exercises can not only eliminate fatigue and make you feel rejuvenated, but they can also improve your physical and mental health, which will make you require less sleep to begin with.

4. Get some sun

Getting less sleep often means getting less rest. So, you might still wake up with some fatigue even after a few quality hours of sleep. However, a few minutes in the sun can take away this tiredness and make your body more alert and upbeat.

Exposure to the sun works because the brain will see the sun as the start of a new day, and that means you will stop feeling like you need more sleep to take on the activities of the day.

5. Know your sleep patterns

You should know how your sleep is like. For instance, many hours of sleep do not count for much when the sleep is often interrupted. Sure, sleep consists of many phases, but waking up at the end of a complete sleep cycle will make you feel relaxed despite the fact that you have had less hours of sleep.

But when the same sleep cycle is interrupted before it’s over, then you are in for a day of sluggishness and fatigue, even when you have had more hours to sleep. So, know your sleep patterns so that you can get better quality sleep.

6. Listen to some music

Listening to some few favorite songs can do wonders for your energy levels. Good music can be very uplifting, and it can help you reduce fatigue and calm you down and even relax your muscles. Music has also been shown to have a positive effect on sleep deprived bodies. After a few beautiful notes, your brain will not feel as fatigued from the lack of adequate sleep, and you will stay healthier and retain your optimal performance as well.

7. Have a hot-cold shower

Combining a hot-cold-hot shower helps improve your senses and makes you more prepared for what lies ahead in your day. So, after you take a hot relaxing shower, you should take a cold shower and then take a hot shower. This showering routine helps get rid of any sluggishness you might be dealing with so that you have a more productive day, whether or not you had many hours of sleep.

8. Have a laugh or two

Even when you are having a chaotic day with a lot of heavy demands on your time and energy, you should make a point of taking a break to share a few light moments with your colleagues. You can also reach for your phone and enjoy a few funny videos or images. Just be careful not to get lost in the fun and waste valuable time.

9. Take a testosterone supplement

Testosterone is a very important hormone to your well being, especially as a man. With low testosterone levels, you will often have to deal with irritability, anxiety, fatigue and other issues that can reduce the quality of sleep you get.

Besides, with these issues to deal with, the impact of inadequate sleep will be more pronounced during the day. Having high testosterone levels has well-documented health benefits, including increased energy levels.

Therefore, you can try using natural testosterone supplements to improve the levels of this hormone in your body so that you do not have to deal with sleep deprivation side effects.

10. Have a power nap

Because you are not getting enough sleep, try to get some minutes of sleep during the day and it will make a huge difference to your health. After taking such a nap, you will reset your biological clock. When you wake up, even if the nap takes a few minutes, you will feel energetic and ready to take on whatever challenges the day has in store for you without having to deal with the negative effects of not getting enough sleep.


If you are not getting enough sleep, then you should definitely find a way to make up for this if getting more hours of sleep is not an option. Some ways to do this include taking a power nap, having light energizing snacks, listening to music, staying hydrated, and work on getting better quality sleep.

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