The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has heightened people’s sense of hygiene. The public is now more conscious than ever about what they come in contact with and whether or not it is infected. Due to that, the sale of personal hygiene and protective equipment has skyrocketed. People are stocking up on the supplies and many stores have set maximum purchase limits to make sure everyone gets access to the required supplies. In such a time, many companies are looking to get into the business of personal protective equipment(PPE). 

Reasons To Sell PPE

PPE includes all items that help people safeguard you from medical and physical harm, this includes helmets, gloves, masks, eye protection, gowns, sanitizers, etc. If you are an already established company, you might want to consider diversifying to include PPE because of three reasons.

The Profit

From a business standpoint, it is just smart to jump onto the latest cash cow. Things like masks and sanitizers were purchased by very few people before COVID. And now everyone is dying to get their hands on them. Especially considering the PPE shortage, if you have the supplies, people will be willing to pay from them.

The Kindness

From a more emotional standpoint, helping people get access to the supplies that could be the difference between life and death is a kindness. As an established brand, you already have the warehouses to store the supplies and a transport network to send them to retailers, it is up to you, to use those resources to do some good in the world in these troubling times. 

The Image

Being an empathic seller of life-saving equipment will create a soft spot for your brand in the public’s heart. It will create a long-lasting positive image that will remain, even after the pandemic is over. People will be more likely to buy your other products because of the good experience before.

What To Look For In A Supplier

If you have decided to sell PPE, obviously you cannot just set up a factory in a month. Your best option is to buy the items from a personal protective equipment supplier and sell them to your retailers. But there are so many suppliers, especially these days, so how do you choose? The following are some factors that will give you some criteria to judge your possible suppliers. 


First and foremost, make sure that the supplier you are selecting is trustworthy and manufactures the items following international standards. The supplier should have certifications from internationally acknowledged organizations like ISO, FDA, CE, etc. Being certified means that the facility was inspected and audited by authorities and was deemed up to the mark. If your supplier does not have the relevant certifications you might be at risk of buying subpar products and endangering your customers’ lives and also your brand’s reputation.

Quick Delivery Times

Most things related to the pandemic are time-sensitive, and so is the supply of PPE. A good supplier will offer quick delivery times. Not only that, but they should also have a rapid team who can provide you with a quote in just a few days so you can get the wheels moving.

Vast Catalog

Most people forget that PPE is more than just masks. It includes gloves, gowns, face shields, hazmat suits, and even sanitizers. When signing with a supplier, check if they have a vast catalog that contains almost all PPEs. Because even if you start with just one PPE item, say masks, you might feel the need to add more products as the need arises. It would a waste of effort to conduct all the research again and find a new supplier for the second item. It is better to select a supplier that can cater to all needs. 

Labeling Service

Suppliers that offer a labeling service take your logo and put it on the products using their factory. So you do not have to worry about engaging your own factory to place the labels. All you have to do is get the specifications of the products from the supplier and send them respective logo designs. They will create custom products for your brand. This will save you a lot of time and effort. 


Amid a pandemic, it is tempting to just jump into the business of PPEs. But this is a delicate matter as actual lives are at stake, so care must be taken. Before you choose a supplier for the PPEs, make sure you do all the research. Do not be tempted by very low costs, they might be good for budget but might yield bad products. Ensure that the supplier follows all guidelines of the CDC and is certified. If you are lucky you might find a supplier that has high-quality PPEs and also a labeling service. In any case, know that PPEs are actually humanity’s first line of defense against a deadly virus and should be dealt with as such. 

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