Eye floaters are a medical condition in which a person sees blockage in their vision in the shape of a spot, and when they try to focus or stare at it, it disappears. They are pretty normal in most cases and are nothing to be afraid of as they can go away on their own. They are caused because of the gel-like substance in your eye called vitreous. While it is true that they are harmless, in some cases, they can bother the patient a little too much and can cause them problems in day to day life. It is highly recommended that one should get their eye floaters checked if they are having too much difficulty because it can also be an indication of a damaged retina.

Identifying the Symptoms

Eye floaters are not difficult to identify as they can be seen in your vision. If a person is seeing a dot, a shadow, or any speck constantly, then that could be an eye floater. It can also take the shape of a ring or a web as well. Even though they are extremely small, they can still bother you a lot with the vision because of the proximity. Another sign is that if you try to look at it directly, it will keep moving away from you, and the more you ignore it, the more close to the eye it will seem. If it is getting too annoying for you, it is highly recommended that you seek treatment for your eye floaters. You can browse over to Floaterlaser to find out what treatment options you have available.

Causes of Eye Floaters

A specific condition or a disease does not cause eye floaters. It can happen to a lot of people at some point in their life. Vitreous is what makes your eye round-shaped, and with time it shrinks breaking its little fiber away, which becomes the cause of eye floaters. It is a common part of the aging process, and it should not be much surprising for older people. Especially people above 60, experience it more than any other age group. Sometimes they are so insignificant that the patient may not even notice it. Other times they can be very annoying, but most people adjust to them as time goes by.

Another possible reason behind the cause of eye floaters could be retinal detachment. But if that is the case, you will be able to experience more symptoms, including loss of sight from sides and flashes of bright lights in the eye. This condition can be much more serious and can lead to blindness if not treated properly. That is why one must see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible to be on the safer side.

Treatment for Eye Floaters

Not only do eye floaters stop bothering you after a few days, but they settle down as well on their own. That is why, in most cases, you would not need any treatment for it. However, they could be in a strange spot for some people and can be hard to ignore due to their size. They can become dense and can start blocking the vision. In such cases, the doctor will recommend a surgical procedure called a vitrectomy. The vitreous gel is removed in this process and is replaced with a saline solution. But you do not need to worry too much as this procedure is only recommended in extreme and serious conditions. Apart from surgery, there is a laser treatment for eye floaters as well. The procedure known as vitreolysis uses a laser to break the eye floaters into smaller parts and dissolve them. But it is only recommended when the floater can be broken down.

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