To be of service to the millions that live on the planet is truly one of the greatest purposes of life. There is no one way to help others and be of something worth to the lives of people you come in contact with. While some choose to impart knowledge and enlighten minds, others could save lives by becoming organ donors. Whatever you do with this life can account to something of purpose only if you have the right intention behind your actions. Now that we have broached the subject of organ donation, it is imperative that we talk a bit about the things you must keep in mind before becoming an organ donor. It is crucial to do some research before you take in the plunge, because organ donation is not something that you must decide impulsively. There is no doubt that it is a sacred act and one of the most beautiful conclusions you can give to your life. However, these are not decisions that you can make in a moment. It is your body after all, and the process needs to be meticulously worked through and thought-out. Therefore, let us now read through some of the points that you must keep at the back of your mind before you become an organ donor. 

Organ Donation Does Not Put Your Health At Risk:

This is the very first point that we must begin the discussion with. Though this might be an implied truth and needs no introduction, yet there are people who believe that organ donation can affect their process of medical care. This is a myth that must be busted. Your life before and after becoming an organ donor remains pretty much the same. You shall not have to compromise with your health or medical aid after you sign up for organ donation. It is a simple process, once you are deemed fit for donation, with no inherent complications. And if you are still wondering about it, here is the answer. No one will gouge your eyes out to donate it to a visually impaired individual, while you are still alive!

Not Everyone Can Qualify For Organ Donation:

Yes, you read that right. Organ donation is not really something that anyone and everyone can take up. You have to qualify to become an organ donor, which means that your body will be run through a series of diagnostics and tests to see how fit your organs are and if they can be used for transplantation. Therefore, organ donation comes with several intricate procedures, and you must pass them all to become a donor. 

Organ Transplants Have A High Success Rate:

There are several misconceptions regarding organ transplants, one of those being that people who receive an organ from a donor might not live as long. However, this is just a myth that must be nipped in the bud. The process of organ transplantation is a technological marvel of the medical world and has seen a high success rate over the years. There is nothing to be much worried about if you happen to find a compatible donor.


There are always several sides to a story. And it is important to gauge all the sides before coming to a conclusion. Becoming an organ donor might seem like a fancy thing to do, but this is not how the act must be viewed as. Organ donation lends purpose to one’s life, and therefore, you must go through with it only if your intentions are pure and just.

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