Choosing a health care policy when you are young and not married can be simple as long as you have done all the research you need first. Most health care plans aimed at single people come with lower prices. The risks are also lower, and you only need coverage for accidents or emergencies. We have a couple of tips that should help you choose a health insurance plan when you are young and single.

Starting early

If you start early you will be able to access numerous benefits. For example, you might be able to get the lowest health insurance. You can also stay on your parents’ plan. In the past, children were out of the health plan when they reached age 19, or when they graduated from college. However, nowadays children are covered up to age 26.

Types of plans

When it comes to choosing a health care policy, there are various types to choose from. POS (point of service) plans will make you choose a doctor that is in the network, but it is also possible to see a specialist outside of it. However, the prices are higher.

PPO (preferred provider organization) is a type of plan that allows you to see doctor’s bout in or out of the plan network. Nonetheless, the costs are larger if the doctor is not part of the network.

HMO (health maintenance organization) plans means that it is mandatory to see a doctor from the HMO’s network. If a specialist is needed, a referral is required. Usually the costs are lower when it comes to HMO policies.

Use online tools

There are online services that can help you compare different health care plans. iSelect medical insurance comparison is one of the tools that you can use. Remember that the prices shouldn’t be the only thing you compare and you should also look at coverage or other extra features.

Marketplace affordable plans

Your state’s Marketplace might have some accessible plans that were designed for young people on a budget. For example, you could choose the bronze plan pays for 60% and you’ll have to pay for 40%. The silver plan makes you pay for 30% of the cost, and the plan covers 70%.

Why do I need insurance if I am young and healthy?

You might think that insurance isn’t required if you are young and healthy but you should remember that insurance can also help you get preventive care so that you can remain health. Insurance can also help you if you use prescription birth control. Finally, health care plans will help you if you have an emergency or an accident.

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