Just the thought of suffering from erectile dysfunction, or impotence as it’s sometimes referred to, is enough to send some men into a flat spin. There should not be a stigma attached to such a common ailment, but unfortunately some men are still too embarrassed to seek the medical help they need.

There are plenty of methods for treating erectile dysfunction, and the right treatment will very much depend on the cause of impotency – it might be caused by physical or psychological issues. Let’s take a whistle stop tour to see what’s on offer in the way of remedies:

Talk It Over

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are feeling stressed about the whole situation it might be a good idea to seek help from a counsellor or therapist. Difficult challenges and dealing with stress can exasperate erectile dysfunction, but a counsellor can help you to explore your feelings.

Take Your Medicine

Your doctor might suggest medication to ease your erectile dysfunction. This could involve taking tablets orally – two of the most common include Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis). The pills will come with their own set of instructions, but generally they are taken at some time prior to sex and are proven to be effective for around 80% of the men who take them. The erection should last no more than 4 hours.

If you prefer an alternative to the pill you could look into having a suppository (pellet) inserted into your penis or an injection. These methods are a little more intrusive that swallowing a pill, so won’t be for everyone. Alprostadil is a common drug that is usually given via a suppository or injection. It works by increasing the blood supply to the penis and is a powerful tonic (a man should see an erection with literally minutes of receiving the medication).

Be wary if you looking to obtain medicine to improve erectile dysfunction. Your doctor or a medical professional should be your first port of call for advice and guidance on the most effective treatment.

If you decide against that and look online for help, seeking advice and treatment from an online pharmacy, then you must ensure the pharmacy is fully regulated.

Change Your Medicine

If your doctor has prescribed some medication, it could be the drugs that you are taking are causing erectile dysfunction as a nasty side effect. It’s important that you return to your GP about this is they can look at altering the dosage or changing your medication.

Under the Knife

It’s often seen as a last resort but if counselling hasn’t really worked and nonsurgical treatments haven’t yielded much success it could be time to consider surgery as an option. If you have a partner now would be a good time to talk through the options and potential outcomes. There’s a lot to consider including penile implants.

Pump It Up

The “Vacuum” method is another way of encouraging blood to flow into the penis. This vacuum pump makes sure the penis goes and stays hard and around 80% who have used it say they have gone on to successfully have sex afterwards.

Makeover Your Life

Simple lifestyle changes can drastically reduce erectile dysfunction. Cut out the fast food and opt for a healthier diet, exercise more, quit the ciggies and drink less booze. This is a fool-proof method for increasing your health and well-being in general and if it makes you stronger and fitter and helps to combat your erectile dysfunction issues then it’s worth putting that effort into yourself.

Add a Nutritional Supplement

There are a few supplements that may also be able to intensify the blood flow to the penis. Studies have shown L-arginine and Pycnogenol combine well to assist in providing an erection. Links have also been made to Flavonoids and Zinc, with Flavonoid rich food considered to be a repress the chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction and Zinc thought to be useful for raising testosterone serum levels.


For something a little more alternative you could consider acupuncture. This ancient, traditional Chinese medicine calls for needles to be placed into the body to help rebalance energy. Some aren’t convinced about the method and argue that it simply offers a placebo effect rather than a real cure. However, others swear by it and if you would like to try something a little more off-beat it could be worth a go.

Do Nothing and Nothing Will Change

Erectile dysfunction can be enervating for you and your partner. Don’t suffer in silence, seek out treatment and rediscover your sex life.

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