There is no denying the fact that almost everyone has favorite sleeping positions. You can never force sleep, rather you can induce sleep. Everyone has a go-to sleeping position when they are going to bed every night. When you are snuggling down your covers during the night, your body is going to mold into the best possible sleeping position for you so that you can remain comfortable throughout the night. However, it can so happen that your favorite sleeping position is responsible for making you wake up with unwanted pains and aches. It can also prevent sticking to normal CPAP therapy. Given below is a list of the ideal masks that you can choose for matching your favorite position.

Fetal position

The fetal position is one of the most favorite positions of most of the people. It helps you to curl yourself up and stay cozy while the knees are drawn to the chest. Fetal sleepers require flexible CPAP masks. The best options for people sleeping in this position require masks that have soft buckles as well as cloth surfaces along with masks, which fit perfectly under the nose.

Log position

In this position, you will be resting on a single side and both arms will lie to the side. Log sleepers also need soft masks, which are not going to be dislodged when pressurized by pillows. However, it is important to understand that additional pressure might not be exerted on the face because the arms are low. This also indicates that you can go for soft nasal masks, which do not have hard surfaces. This will help you to get rid of the doubt, “Which CPAP Mask Is Best For Your Sleeping Position?

Yearner position

This is a unique sleeping position in which a person is responsible for extending both his arms from the front of the body. This position can put pressure on one side of the face. However, because the arm is stretched out, it is responsible for minimizing the pressure to a certain degree. Masks that work perfectly well for the log or fetal position are going to work for a yearner position as well.

Soldier position

This position allows individuals to sleep on their back with arms stretched out like a soldier. It is almost like sleeping in an attention position. Back sleepers should consider ordering masks, which will keep them comfortable because they are going to rest their heads on the mask. If you choose a comfortable mask, you will not have to lie on buckles, straps, and hoses, or any other thing that can ruin your sleep.

Starfish position

This is also one of the most common sleeping positions that are loved by most people. Starfish sleepers have the option of using masks that are designed for back sleepers. Since starfish sleepers keep moving their arms around, it is important to go for masks, which can reduce the chance of getting tangled.


It is important to choose CPAP masks based on the sleeping position that is your favorite. Make sure that you are going through everything that has been mentioned above so that you can choose the appropriate mask for yourself.

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