Despite what most people think, urgent cares are not very limited in terms of the services they offer. Therefore, if you are looking to have a minor issue treated, these centers are a perfect choice. The reason for this is that you receive convenient and fast lab testing compared to the doctor’s office. 

So, what services can you get at urgent care clinics? This is a question you might have in mind, and here is an in-depth guide on the diagnostic tests that you can receive at urgent care centers. 

EKG Testing 

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If you are experiencing bouts of chest pains, dizziness, shortness of breath, or fainting, you need to have an electrocardiogram (EKG) test done. This test helps determine whether these symptoms are caused by heart-related conditions that can be life-threatening and know whether immediate medical attention is needed. The EKG test and specific surgical procedures requiring pre-surgical EKG can be done at an urgent care center. 

Urgent care centers are ideal since not every doctor has an EKG machine or an EKG technician to perform the test. Nonetheless, if you are experiencing abrupt severe chest pain or shortness of breath, head over to the emergency room as this might be a sign of a more critical issue. 


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Have you just been involved in an accident at home or while playing your favorite sport? If so, you most likely are experiencing a lot of pain due to a possible broken leg or arm. The good news is you do not need to rush to the emergency room to have this issue fixed and can instead go to the local urgent care center. An x-ray will be used to diagnose the broken bone or affected limb and, if need be, apply a splint or cast. 

X-rays are also used by urgent care providers to identify common ailments such as constipation. In case of a minor injury, you can always rush to the urgent care center to get diagnosed and receive proper treatment. Therefore, this helps reduce your anxiety, pain, and worsening of the problem if not attended to immediately. 

Urinalysis Among Other Lab Tests 

At urgent care centers, blood, urine, or swab specimens can be obtained and tested. This helps identify infectious illnesses such as mononucleosis, strep, or urinary tract infection. You can also have tests for common sexually transmitted diseases done. The quick diagnosis done at these centers helps you begin treatment right away and benefit from a faster relief of these symptoms. 

Alcohol and Drug Screening 

If you are required to take a drug test by your school or your employer, then you do not need to necessarily go to a drug testing lab or book an appointment with a doctor. Instead, you can have such a test done at an urgent care clinic. At these centers, saliva, urine, blood tests are done. However, confirm the type of test you are required to do by your employer or school and confirm whether the urgent care clinic does the test. The turnaround duration for such results usually vary. 


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