Have you encountered the debilitating effects of back pain? It’s definitely never any fun to experience the inability to pull weeds or tie your shoes because of that shooting pain in your lower back area.

The most challenging part is that it can easily become a chronic issue if you don’t do something about it.

There isn’t any need to allow your back pain to become a regular part of your existence and ruin your life.

Use the following eight ways to get rid of your back pain.

Use movement and exercise as your friend

It might appear odd to think that exercising could help get rid of back pain. You definitely don’t want to exercise while you’re experiencing the pain. However, use exercise as your aid once the main discomfort has gone away. Here are some exercises that can help:


  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Stretching


Those are activities that will help keep your pain from coming back. Exercises that strengthen your core will help, too. An improved core helps reduce any strain on your lower back muscles.

It’s a wise idea to talk to your chiropractor whenever you’re considering the idea of adding regular exercise to your life. According to Dr. Chad Woolner from Align Integrated Medical, a fundamental approach to fixing back problems includes a mix of chiropractic, therapy and rehab procedures. This combination of exercise and therapy needs to be done in a way that doesn’t lead to making your pain worse. Your chiropractor will be able to advise you on the movement that your condition needs most.

Pay attention to whether the pain starts to move down into the legs. Tell your doctor about it because it could be sciatica that you’re feeling. Sciatica is an issue with the actual spine, as opposed to just the muscles around the spine.

Take care when lifting any items

Items don’t necessarily need to be heavy to hurt your back or make the current back pain worse. Make it a point to lift objects in the correct manner. Twisting as you lift can create back problems in an instant. However, if you learn how to lift properly, then you will avoid future problems.

The best thing to do when lifting objects is to position yourself close to the item. Keep your back straight and bend your knees as you crouch down. Use your legs to lift the object. The most important part of this procedure is keeping your back straight. Of course, you don’t want to lift any objects that are too heavy for you. Get help if you have any doubt about whether you should lift it or not.

Use quality posture

It’s easy to use bad posture in our modern world. You might be in front of a computer for most of your day and it’s possible that you’re sitting with improper posture. Pay attention to whether you’re slouching or sitting incorrectly. Slouching puts a lot of undue pressure on your lower back. It can lead to an extremely painful degenerated disc if you’re not careful. Make sure you’re sitting up straight.

You should also use a quality ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair will help keep your spine in the best position. It’s a good idea to maintain your feet flat on the floor as you sit. Change your sitting position often and take several breaks throughout the day. You might even want to use a standing desk. Standing keeps your body in a better position than sitting does.

Are you on the phone for much of your day? If so, it’s possible to end up with neck pain that eventually leads to back pain. Consider using a headset so that you don’t position the phone between your shoulder and chin.

Pay attention to how you sleep

It’s a good idea to sleep on your side when you’re suffering from back pain. This position will relieve any pressure on the back muscles. Sleeping on your stomach is not advised, however. That position will place a lot of unwanted stress on your spine. Find a good pillow and mattress that helps support your neck, back and body more effectively. Sleeping with the correct alignment goes a long way in making sure you wake up without pain.

Avoid twisting and bending

It’s easy to forget how often you might be twisting and bending as you go about your day. This is especially true if you live a relatively active lifestyle. There are several activities that might cause you to bend down and twist your back as you go about them. These might include gardening, shoveling snow or any regular work around the house. Instead of twisting from the waist only, make it a point to turn your entire body as you move.

Lose a little weight

Take stock as to whether you’re carrying excess weight or not. A big cause of back pain is extra weight in the midsection. This is because the weight puts pressure on the ligaments and muscles in your back.

Drink plenty of water

Everyone needs to drink plenty of water in a day. Staying properly hydrated helps keep your joints flexible. It’s also possible that your spinal discs will shrink when they lose fluid. If you allow that to happen, then discs will slip out of place and possibly cause a herniated disc.

Don’t ignore the signs

With the hustle and bustle of everyday living, it’s common to sometimes ignore your back pain or to think you can bear it until it somehow goes away. If the above ideas don’t alleviate your pain, then realize that chronic pain is telling you something is wrong. There is probably an underlying problem that needs to get fixed. 

You have now learned several ways that help alleviate back pain. Use them whenever back pain appears in your life. Remember that there’s no need to live with permanent back pain. There is always a solution that will make you feel better.

Image source: unsplash.com

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