Shoulder pain can be annoying and prevent you from going on with your daily activities, but if you are professional or amateur athlete it can jeopardize your career. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with persistent shoulder pain as there are a couple of useful tricks that can help you overcome the pain and regain your mobility.

We have prepared a list of the top five tips that can help you deal with shoulder pain, so be sure to take some time to carefully read this article.

Arm Stretching

The shoulder consists of a group of many bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, that enable the arm to move in all directions. Shoulder pain is usually an indicator that something has gone wrong which reduces the mobility of your arm.

The good news is that you can reduce the pain in your shoulder by trying out a simple arm stretching exercise. Stretch out either your left or right hand in front of you, then use the help of your other hand to move your arm across the chest. You can repeat this exercise until you feel no pain in your shoulder.

Get Plenty of Rest

In order to overcome the pain and heal, your body needs to have plenty of rest. In case you’re dealing with a more serious shoulder injury, it’s vital that you start the recovering process by getting plenty of rest.

During this period, avoid any exertion and try not to lift your arm or doing anything that causes pain in the shoulder.  

Tip: Some shoulder injuries will require the use of anti-inflammatory medication. You can also apply ice to the injured area which helps remove the swelling and relieves the pain.

Slowly Increase Your Workout

After the initial recovery period, you should start by slowly increasing your workout in order to  regain the feeling in your shoulder. You can always try out different exercises according to your preferences, but you should be careful to proceed step-by-step and not put too much pressure on your shoulder.

Of course, the key is that you give your body enough time to adjust, which is why you should slowly increase your daily workouts.

Tip: You should try out different types of exercise involving the neck and chest area.

Modify Your Sleeping Habits

Shoulder pain can often interfere with our sleeping habits. If you prefer sleeping on your side, the shoulder can suffer because the weight of the body relies on the shoulder and hips for support. The result is that shoulder muscles come under strain, and you need a softer bed to relieve some of that pressure.

Best Beds for Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain are the ones that sink under your weight sufficiently to alleviate the pressure on your shoulder and prevent pain.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

While you shouldn’t let shoulder pain get in the way of your usual activities, it might be a good idea to reduce some of the pressure on your shoulder and avoid unnecessary exertion that could aggravate the pain.

Remember not to strain yourself too much, even after the pain subsides, and give your shoulder the chance to recover.

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