Getting an eye test and seeing an optician for new glasses or contact lenses will help to protect your ability to see. There are many ways the eyes can be tested and eye doctors utilize these methods to ensure the right prescription is given. Eye exams should be carried out once a year and they are more important than most people realize.

Understanding the Importance of Seeking an Eye Exam

It is imperative individuals seek yearly eye exams to ensure vision changes have not occurred that would require a different prescription. Eye doctors use equipment from Truvision Acuity to ensure the right testing is carried out.

Eye tests should be carried out more often than yearly if vision disturbances begin to occur. A person’s vision will generally continue worsening until they reach middle age and then vision begins to remain stable until an older age is reached.

4 Ways Your Vision Is Tested

  1. The visual acuity test measures the way you can see. You will be asked to cover one eye while reading the letters on the screen or wall. The size of the letters gets smaller and smaller with each line. Each of your eyes will be tested independently because the vision in each could be different. This is an important part of the process of checking your vision, but it must be combined with other tests.
  2. Refraction testing is also an important test in the process. This test determines how well light is refracted in your eye. If the rays of light are unable to fully focus on the back of your eye, this is a condition called a refractive error. The way light enters and refracts is vital for the ability to see clearly. A refractive error in your eyes means you will likely need some type of vision correction in the form of eyeglasses or contacts.
  3. The visual field is important when determining if an individual is suffering from vision problems. If your field of vision is compromised in any way, you may find it difficult to see when your eye turns to certain points. Most eye doctors use automated perimetry machines to test the field of vision and these are used in conjunction with other vital tests.
  4. Slit lamp examination is a part of vision testing because the health of the eyes is essential for proper vision acuity. This test shines a light on the front of the eye so the doctor will be able to carefully check all the components to ensure the eyes are healthy.

Eye Testing Is Essential

For those with healthy eyes, eye exams should be carried out every five years throughout life. Those who need glasses and contacts will need to see their eye doctor more frequently. Testing allows you to ensure your eyes are healthy. With eye examinations, your vision will be protected.


With eye examinations, the eye doctor can determine your need for corrective lenses. Eye examinations are more than just checks on your vision. A Full examination reveals the health of your eyes so health problems can be treated appropriately. Seeing the eye doctor helps to ensure your vision is protected so you will be able to see the world more clearly. The health of your eyes should never be neglected.

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