Wisdom teeth are also referred to as third molars and appear at the back of your mouth and the rear of the back molars. According to dentists and surgeons, wisdom teeth start to grow at around 12 years of age. However, they begin to emerge in between your gums at ages 17 and 25.

To various people, these teeth could point to several concerns which lead to pain within the gums, nerve soreness as well as head pain. They could tear within the gums which cause bleeding and debilitating swelling. Therefore, knowing the various pain relief options is essential.

Some of the pain relief options are:

Home Cures:

Often, you will be required to manage the discomfort from your wisdom teeth before consulting the dentist. Use of homemade remedies together with over the counter medicines are some of the most accessible pain relief options that can work.

Also, a topical pain reliever can quickly and briefly ease the pain. Topical ointments have substances for instance benzocaine which numbs the gums and the adjacent tissues.

Brush your teeth:

Food particles stuck in the crevices of your teeth lead to increased pain. Therefore brushing your teeth can help in the reduction of the pain. The ingredients contained in toothpaste numb the pain and also kill some of the bacteria that can lead to severe infections.

Warm salty water:

An excellent way to reduce pain is to gargle warm salty water. Salt toughens the gums, reduces swelling and draws out infection. However, this works best with over the counter medications.

Prescription Medications

When you seek the help of dentists who offer wisdom tooth removal in singapore, they assess your teeth and mouth. The dentist will also require x-rays taken to establish the placement of the wisdom teeth.

In case he or she confirms that there is an infection or a cyst in any area of the mouth, he or she will request you to have antibiotics before your teeth show up. The dentist could also recommend prescription pain relievers to aid deal with any pain before removal or extraction.

Painless dentistry


In case you want to have regular dental care, the dental expert should be in a position to determine when your wisdom teeth would be a problem before they appear as well as offer appropriate procedures for extraction. At times when your teeth are painful, they also invade on other teeth in your mouth; therefore removal is required.

Various hospitals offer wisdom tooth removal in Singapore. Although wisdom tooth removal may be painful for some time as a result of inflammation, bleeding as well as numbness, extraction will eventually get rid of the pain and discomfort brought about by your wisdom teeth.

However, in case you experience intense pain inside your mouth, that may be a serious indication that something is not well. Wisdom teeth can lead to discomfort as they agitate the surrounding nerves as well as tissues. Once they move within your gums, they can also break other teeth and eventually lead to decay in your gum line and enamel.

Wisdom teeth can also stimulate nerves, and this can result in persistent headaches and nerve pain. In more severe situations, wisdom teeth can lead to cosmetic dental issues since the teeth tend to become crowded inside your mouth.

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