As a parent, the health of your family comes first and there are times that you’ll go out of your way to ensure this. It’s imperative that as a parent, you pay close attention to various factors, especially those that influence your family’s health. These include factors that you have control of and those that you cannot control such as your genetic makeup, behaviors, and exposure to the social and physical environment. The path to your family’s improved health starts with educating yourself on the crucial aspects of life that may need improving for a healthier life.

Oral health, though often ignored, is a crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining your family’s overall health. Among the most affected are kids because at that tender age, their teeth are still in the development stage and it’s at this stage that you’ll want to protect them against tooth decay, deep cavities, gum diseases, and other types of dental issues. Among the things that you can do is to ensure that your children brush teeth routinely, floss regularly, and timely visits to the dentist. One of the most effective preventive measures that you can invest in for the sake of your kid’s oral health is the application of dental sealants.

What Are Dental Sealants?

As you may be aware, tooth decay is a common dental issue affecting millions of children around the world. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be prevented by applying a clear, white, protective barrier on the tooth’s enamel. In line with the guys at, dental sealants can be applied soon after tooth eruption, usually around the ages of 6 and it’s imperative that they are accompanied by routine dental care and a healthy diet. Additionally, dental sealants should only be applied by dental professionals and after a careful dental examination. It’s a quick and painless process. With that out of the way, let’s now take a look at the reasons why dental sealants are great for kids.

1. Dental Sealants Are Long-Lasting

Unlike most dental procedures that will offer temporary benefits, dental sealants can last for up to 10 years. This is a worthwhile procedure, meaning that your kid can maintain a healthy smile throughout their childhood. However, there are various factors that determine how long dental sealants last. These include:


  • Quality of the sealant – You’d expect that there only exists quality sealants, but as is with most products, there are counterfeit dental sealants too. This brings us back to the point where you should always seek dental services from qualified and licensed dentists as they’ll not only offer the best services but have the best products when it comes to your oral health.
  • Routine dental practices – Routine dental practices should continue even after dental sealants have been applied. They should not be an excuse to neglect regular cleaning, flossing, and eating a good diet. These are crucial practices that play a significant role in the sealant’s longevity.
  • Types of food eaten – Chewing on hard foods can have an impact on the dental sealant’s longevity. It’s important to keep off from things that wear off the sealants. These include hard candy, ice, and bones.

2. Dental Sealants Are Protective

The number two reason for considering dental sealants for your kids is that they’ll help to protect them from dental cavities. As earlier mentioned, the sealant will form a protective barrier on the chewing surfaces of molars and this protective layer acts as a shield against harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. The textured areas of the teeth are more prone to tooth decay, a condition that often requires fillings and in severe decay, tooth extraction. This is not what you want for your kids, right?

3. Dental Sealants Are Unobtrusive

The common misconception with dental sealants is that they are visible and that they’ll affect your child’s self-confidence. On the contrary, dental sealants are unobtrusive meaning that they can go unnoticed. The only people who know that they exist are the people who were present during the procedure. Your kids should now have every reason to rest easy and keep affecting the world with those beautiful smiles.

4. They Allow Enough Time for Learning

Dental sealants are like the training wheels your kids need in their very first bike rides. They’ll help encourage your kids to take care of their dental health until the time when they’ll be on their own and mature enough to know what’s good for them. One thing to note is that there are hard to reach areas of the teeth your kids will have problems with. And the fact that you have a busy schedule means that they’ll be at higher risks of tooth cavities. It’s for these reasons that dental sealants will come highly recommended by dentists across the world.

5. They Save You Big Bucks

Of course, you cannot put a price on health but hey, if there are ways to avoid certain costs such as treatment costs, go for it. Treating cavities can cost you lots of money in the long haul and in addition to this, such procedures will be very painful to your kids. Yes, it’s an experience they can learn from but it’s just not worth the risks. So to save up on such costs, you can opt for dental sealants.

6. Promotes Overall Health

As earlier mentioned in the introductory part, oral health is a crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining your family’s overall health. Kids need to take care of their teeth as the first step to preventing various infections and ailments such as diabetes. That’s how important dental hygiene is!

Now, as a parent, you have a tough responsibility and humongous decisions to make on behalf of your kids. You’ll want to ensure that they have the best in life and this means starting with their dental hygiene, a good diet, and a life that supports optimal health. The above are enough reasons to convince any caring parent on the overall benefits of dental sealants. But as always, you must talk to your dentist first before making that final decision.

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