For many people their dental hygiene routine is simply something they do every day without really thinking about it. However, most of us overlook flossing as an important part of our dental routine. Electric toothbrushes have quickly become a staple part of people’s routines, but one of the latest inventions in oral hygiene technology is a water flosser. The gadget has grown in popularity in recent years, meaning there are a number of cheap water flossers available on the market.

What Does a Water Flosser Do?

A water flosser is a tool which cleans the teeth by sending a stream of water between the narrow gaps in the teeth. There are a number of different size water flossers, each with their own specific features. However, all water flossers come with a motor, water reservoir and a special water flossing tip. They look similar to electric toothbrushes and are used in a similar manner. The user simply guides the device around their mouth to remove plaque, bacteria and food particles from between the teeth. The sensation feels similar to the one experienced when you visit your dental hygienist; a pulsating jet of water is sent through the gaps in the teeth to clean them and stimulate the gums.

Why Do People Use a Water Flosser?

People who don’t like using string floss may choose to use a water flosser as a gentler alternative. Additionally, string floss can be difficult to use for children or people with limited mobility and a water flosser comes with an easy to hold handle.

People who have crowns, dentures, or braces may find using regular string floss very difficult as it won’t slide between the gaps in their teeth or it could damage their dental work. A water flosser solves this problem by sending a stream of water into the mouth which can navigate around braces and is gentle enough to clean the teeth.

Some people simply prefer to use a water flosser because it reminds them to complete this often overlooked step in their dental hygiene routine.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits are very similar to using regular floss. A water flosser removes plaque from between the teeth and below the gum line to reduce the risk of gum disease. Some brands of water flosser have been clinically proven to reduce the cases of gingivitis in users. Over time, plaque can make your teeth look yellow so using a water flosser is a great way to naturally improve the brightness of your smile. Flossing your teeth regularly with a water flosser can reduce bad breath. Not only will these benefits be noticed by the individual user, many people have reported that their hygienist also commented that they had reduced tartar build-up.

Deciding to use a water flosser to enhance your dental hygiene routine is a matter of personal choice but it does offer a number of benefits, from helping to clean your teeth to brightening your smile in a natural way.

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