Our teeth mean everything to us. Without them, eating would be extremely problematic, we would find ourselves having to liquidise our food and watch what we eat, our eating would in fact become more of a chore compared with the pleasure that it should be. Our smile which has perhaps become our trademark and is certainly something which most of us are conscious of is something that we more than likely will want to maintain.

We have been told to brush our teeth and most of us have maintained that procedure rigorously throughout our lives but sadly, even with a rigorous programme of brushing, flossing and brushing and flossing, we cannot rule out the possibility of cavities and decay. Our teeth do withstand a considerable amount of what we throw at them but there does come a point when the inevitable happens and they do not perform as well as they have done in the past and they can be prone to decay. Even avoiding sugary snacks and drinks, does not guarantee the longevity of our teeth.

We should visit the dentist regularly and in doing so, we can again put another layer of maintenance into our quest to save our teeth. Many of us already have fillings and for those who are older, some of the fillings may be from old school dentistry which unfortunately destroyed a large part of the tooth in the process of having a cavity filled.

There does come a point in time when a tooth can be filled and treated no more and other options have to be considered. Good dentistry will work to save the tooth and an extraction is a process which is avoided where possible and it should only be used as a very last resort. There are other better options prior to that having to be considered.

One option to consider, and a very good option at that, would be to look at the possibility of having a porcelain crown. but what is a porcelain crown and for what types of applications would they be used?

The dental crown is often referred to as a ‘cap’ and it may be that name that you are familiar with. The word ‘cap’ is quite an appropriate name for the structure. A crown is simply a dental restoration which fits on top of an existing tooth structure like a cap (hence the word) or a hat. It is firmly fixed in place, in a permanent way so that only the dentist can remove it from your mouth. The crown or cap effectively restores the tooth, giving you back the function of the tooth that may have been lost and strengthening and improving its appearance whilst returning the tooth to its original size. Ideally with any crown, you want it to feel just like your own tooth as it will be a permanent structure in your mouth which, unlike false teeth, you cannot remove.

A porcelain crown is not just limited to the application described above. Crowns can be used to repair damaged cracked or chipped teeth and they can even be used to straighten teeth and give an entirely new appearance to existing teeth. They work well for those who have discoloured teeth too. They can be used both practically and cosmetically and there are many applications for which a crown would be an option. Your dentist will be able to discuss your particular requirements and advise on whether a crown would work for your particular set of circumstances. You can have as many crowns as you want and procedures are not limited just to having one or two. 

Porcelain crowns are not all equal and if you are going to have such creative and hopefully permanent work carried out, you should be making sure that you are working with an experienced dentist who is well regarded and as such will be able to offer you the best possible product. You do not want to have to repeat the process every few years or be back at your dentist every few weeks, so it is best to choose the best of what is available within your budget.

There are all manner of dental crowns available and having a Google search will certainly show you plenty of the available options. A well regarded and some would say, the best make of porcelain crown on the market today is made by CEREC. CEREC porcelain crown durability is second to none, they are made to last. When fitted, they look and feel very much like your own teeth and will last for many, many years giving the user little or no problem and with little or no maintenance required, it is a good all round product. This particular crown, when fitted, will perform just like your own teeth. They can be fitted by a skilled dentist to slot into your mouth leaving no space between the gum and the tooth. CEREC porcelain crowns are certainly the choice for those who are looking for a lasting solution.

The actual process of getting a crown is very simple and very much a pain free option. Your dentist will be able to talk you through the process of having your crowns attached but the whole process from beginning to end should be completed within a few visits. 

Care of your teeth should be in the same way as before with brushing and flossing. You should treat your crown to the same care and attention that you would give to your own teeth. Your dentist will be able to check your crowns as part of your regular check up slot

For many of us with poor teeth, broken or chipped teeth and even teeth that have become worn and so not as functional as they could be, a crown or several crowns could be an option not only to restore function but to once again have a smile and a set of teeth that look good and feel incredibly natural. There is nothing better for a confidence boost than to know that you look good!

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