Going to the dentist is something that still scares a lot of people. For some, it would take a pretty drastic situation to make them go see one. But if you consider holistic dentistry instead, not only would it make the trip more tolerable, but you would also be getting the benefits listed below. 


Holistic dentistry is also called biological dentistry and can be considered alternative medicine. This approach to medicine, according to the Holistic Dental Network, promote health and wellness instead of the treatment of disease. You can check out HolisticDentistryUSA.com/ for some more resources. 

  1. There will be minimal use of painkillers – Painkillers are something that you are just used to seeing in the medical field. But we all know just how dangerous painkillers are when not taken according to prescription. The medical field already recognized that so many are addicted to painkillers today. That’s why in holistic dentistry, your dental practitioner will not give you a prescription right away but instead give you alternative treatments that can help with your situation in a natural manner. 
  2. It will be perfectly suited to your needs – There is no one approach to solve your dental problems. In holistic dentistry, you don’t just get the standard answer you might find in a traditional clinic. Instead, you will get a treatment that will be tailor-made for your situation. 
  3. The goal is to increase your overall health – When we think of dentists, we just think of them as doctors for our teeth. But it goes beyond that in holistic dentistry. They do not just want your teeth, gums, and mouth to be healthy. Their goal is to improve your overall wellness. They know that your mouth is linked to your body and when your physical health is lacking, it will be seen in your oral health. Once your dentists have seen your condition, they can give you recommendations on how to improve not just your oral health but your overall condition. This can mean giving you suggestions on what proper nutrition you should be focusing on to prevent dental disease, and even some homeopathy ideas, etc.
  4. You will be less exposed to potentially harmful things – Due to scientific research and advancement, we have come to know that some ingredients that we thought were safe can actually be harmful. Take the case of our teeth fillings. Amalgam is made up of mercury which is a very dangerous substance. Even fluoride can have adverse effects on the body. When you go to a holistic dentist, they can actually help correct these mistakes from your previous treatments.
  5. You can save money in the long run – When you improve your overall health, there is less need to go to a doctor, except maybe once or twice a year. So if you follow the suggestions of your holistic dentist and stick to natural remedies and possibly changing your lifestyle, you will be able to save from having to shell out money for expensive treatments. 

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