Despite the tremendous improvement in technology in dental care, a lot of people still suffer from teeth infections in most cases due to injury, teeth decay, and periodontal diseases among others. This calls for an advanced procedure for first removing any remaining pieces of teeth and replacing them with artificial teeth and this process is known as dental implants. A dental implant involves a series of events and preparation. It involves implanting a screw made of titanium directly into the jaw bone then attaching the restoration which can be a crown or a bridge directly on the implant. The titanium implant is made to be compatible with the human body without causing rust due to the fluids in the human body. Below is an image showing an implant in the jaw.

To make an implant look natural, porcelain is usually used. There existorganisations and clinics specialised in delivering the most successful dental implants. A good example is a dental implant Edinburgh. Dental implant Edinburgh is a clinic with specialised and professional doctors who are specialised in dental implants. More of them can be found on

Before any dental implant procedure begins, a number of factors are usually taken into consideration. Below are some of the basic factors to determine individuals suitable for teeth implants.

  • The amount of Jawbone in the gum must be enough and strong enough to hold the implants in place. People with a history of gum disease are not advised since the teeth implants have a high probability of not lasting as expected.
  • It is important to consider the effect of a tooth implant on the remaining teeth. A tooth implant that would affect the other teeth whether it is the arrangement or infection should be avoided. After the implant, the patients are advised to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene to maintain the implants.

Replacing a missing or broken tooth can be a great way to regain a person’s smile back or boost their self-esteem among other reasons. Below are some of the reasons why individuals with missing, broken or cracked teeth should get teeth implants.

  1. Continued chewing makes the jawbone stronger with time. Having a missing tooth may cause sagging or shrinking on areas with missing teeth. If the teeth missing in a row, the facial muscles may weaken and can result in making an individual looking old even when they are still young.
  2. Naturally, teeth are arranged to offer support to neighboring teeth. Having a missing tooth can result in twisting or movement of teeth causing an alteration to the natural arrangement of teeth. This may cause advanced teeth surgeries or more complicated procedures to fix the condition.

Everyone is advised to maintain the state of their teeth as teeth implants is an expensive procedure. Players are advised to wear mouth guards while playing to avoid breaking or cracking of teeth from the impact. Missing teeth should be replaced to avoid effects associated with missing teeth into helping individuals regain their smiling confidence back.

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