We have all been there, caught off guard when someone takes your photos, and your teeth look discolored. And you have decided you want to do something about it asap. Dentaly.org will give you professional advice and information that will keep your smile whiter for longer.

There are many myths surrounding teeth whitening kits. Most of which have been dispelled in recent years by both dentists and other oral hygiene professionals. Here is a list of the most common myths you are likely to encounter and some facts to help dispel them.

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Myth 1 Teeth whitening will damage your enamel.


Teeth whitening will not damage your enamel unless wrong proportions are used. You should be aware that teeth whitening should only be performed exactly as instructed within the information in the kit. If you are using things like activated charcoal, and scrub too hard you will cause some damage – simple misuse.

Myth 2 Rubbing fruit on your teeth can help remove stains.


Strawberries, banana peels and lemons, are items that people have all reached out to to help remove stains on their teeth. The fact is that fruit acids and other food acids wear away enamel and will turn your teeth yellow and increases the chance of you getting cavities. So next time you read a post about rubbing a strawberry on your teeth – think again!

Myth 3 Teeth whitening is painful.


If you’ve been for a teeth whitening appointment at your local dentist and your mouth is burning, stinging or irritating your mouth you should inform your dentist. Otherwise there should be no pain after teeth whitening. But please be aware a little bit of sensitivity is not uncommon.

Similarly for home kits you are more likely to have some sensitivity if you already have sensitive teeth and opt for whitening strips.

Myth 4 Teeth whitening makes your teeth sensitive.


When it comes to bleaching the teeth, they may become sensitive fo a few short days this mainly happens to people who already have a history of sensitive teeth. With this in mind you would probably opt for a teeth whitening kit with a tray and gel, you use this for an hour at a time or overnight. They have less of a reaction for sensitive teeth. And gums.

Myth 5 Once whitened, your teeth will stay white forever.


The color will stay permanently with proper maintenance, but as you continue to grow older, your teeth will still yellow somewhat. You will need to stick to a strict oral hygiene regime, and make sure that you stick to the full two weeks of each treatment. A top up once every 6 months will be enough to keep your smile bright and white.

Myth 6 Stains don’t disappear!


Your teeth have pores just like your skin. When you drink a blue slush puppy, your mouth is dyed blue for a short amount of time. Over time your teeth start gathering stains that will never go away unless you remove them by using properly formulated teeth whitening gel. The gel pushes the stains out through the pores. It sounds painful, but it’s easy and relatively quick.

Myth 7 Whitening products work overnight.


No whitening product can whiten your teeth in 24 hours. It is impossible for any whitening agent to clear stains, at least not safely, with that kind of speed. The reality is that whitening can take 14 days or up to several months, depending on how bad your stains are. People with severely stained teeth have to be patient with the whitening process, and when all the stains are gone, know that it incredibly easy to maintain.

Myth 8 Caps and veneers can be whitened.


When artificial caps and veneers are installed, they are intended to match your surrounding teeth color. The material is created in a darker or lighter color so it blends in, but they can be replace at a later date to match your whiter look. For people that already have caps or veneers, but please be aware teeth whitening will not damage any dental work.

Myth 9 Everyone’s teeth are perfectly white.


Not everyone’s teeth are perfectly white, but rather your tooth color is set at birth. Consider your teeth to be similar to bones – they aren’t white either. Movies, advertisements and even social media portray bright white smiles a lot. But the fact it, it takes treatment to get that stunning white.


Teeth whitening kits have great results when you adhere to the instructions with care, and make lifestyle changes that complement the style of kit you have chosen. A strict oral hygiene routine must be in place to enable you to keep that white smile looking beautiful.

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