Ones dental and mouth health profoundly influences a perfect and beautiful smile. Therefore it is recommended that you take your kids to see the orthodontic while still at a young age. Note that it’s not only kids who are advised to visit the orthodontic as the adults also tend to get teeth and gum issues.

So, when it is the best time to visit the orthodontic for all ages?


Most orthodontics prefer for kids to be taken at the age of 6 to 7. These are the ages when the kids begin to grow the teeth and the gum area. At these ages, the kids may be having their baby teeth removed and therefore, there may also be some adult teeth that have grown as well. Why take the kid to orthodontic at this early age?

  • A proper guide to the growth of teeth.

In case the jaws or the teeth of kids are noticed not to be developing in the correct positions, it would be much easier for the doctor to correct this issue by repositioning them at an early stage.

  • Safety of the teeth.

This process helps to prevent the probability of the kid having the teeth extracted later. This is because the orthodontic identifies the issue in the teeth before it exceeds.

  • Prevent speech issues.

Your gum and teeth can significantly influence your speech, especially on the lower gun. So, if your kid is found to be having a speech issue caused by the lower gum, the orthodontist will be able to determine the cause and how to correct the problem.

Signs that show it’s time to take your kid to see the orthodontic.

The symptoms are;

  • Difficulties in biting or chewing their foods.
  • Misplaced teeth on the gum.
  • Abnormal growth of the teeth. For example, you may find the teeth growing close together.
  • The jaws and the teeth may appear misplaced.
  • Sucking the fingers or the thumb all the time.
  • When the front teeth seem to be too crowded at an early age.
  • Kids not being able to close their mouth.

The teens

If the kids did not get a chance of seeing the orthodontic at toddler age, you could still take them when they get to a generation of 12 and above for checkup. The most recommended dental treatment at this age is the use of braces.

The braces are used for shaping the teeth, gum, and they come in different designs and sizes for them to fit the kids needs. If you realize that the teeth of your kids are not growing in an aligned manner, take them to the doctor for correction. If you live in Calgary, you can always visit Orthodontist Calgary NW or any other professional doctor who specializes in fixing the teeth braces.


  • Common signs that show an adult should consider visiting an orthodontist are;
  • If the teeth are crowded or even squeezed together.
  • Occasionally have bad bites.
  • Regular jaw pains.

Although the above are some of the symptoms that show it’s time to visit an orthodontist, it is good to seek the treatment earlier to avoid extreme damage to the jaws or the teeth. Regular visits to the doctor are recommended since the doctor can identify the issue more prior and correct it, especially in kids.

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