Everyone wishes for a sparkling set of teeth. It has a profound impact on the self-esteem and confidence of the individual. People with missing or broken teeth often complain that they lack clarity in expression and also report to be less confident than their peers. Nowadays, there is a rise in consciousness regarding dental health. More and more people are deciding to get implants, braces, and dentures. This has driven innovation in this field, with it becoming a lucrative industry for researchers. Some of the most exciting changes in dental implant technology have been discussed in this article.

The Antibacterial coating

Antibacterial coating technology is a technology still in its nascent stages. The technology has not been released to the public and is still going through development. It has been designed to improve the life of dental implants. Some food items with high acidic content can erode the teeth with the process of acid erosion. The erosion also impacts dental implants as well. With the help of this technology, that will no longer be a source of worry, and users are free to drink juices and eat pizzas as they please.

Implants designed by computers

In a lot of cases, patients complain of crestal bone loss after having an implant done. A lot of people aim for perfect bone stability. Due to the loss of crestal bone, the bone is not fully resorbed leading to the implant being in danger. Practitioners have been working to combat this problem so that better bone stability can be achieved.

They might have solved it with the introduction of CAD-CAM (Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing). With the help of this technology, clones of missing or broken teeth can be substituted in the mouth. One of the best advantages of this method is the entire process does not cause any symptoms.

All-on-4 treatment

The all on 4 dental implants technology is a very effective method. It is graft less and gives patients the satisfaction of a full-arch prosthesis on the day of the surgery itself. Some other notable features include immediate function, the use of only four implants, tilting of the posterior implants.

Crown connectors

The most crucial thing in a dental implant is the way it is connected to the porcelain crown. It is naturally assumed that the connection is eternal and dental implants are never removed from their place for cleaning or inspection. Therefore, it is imperative that the connection needs to be in place and firm. This connection has to be maintained without causing any form of damage to the gums or the teeth. Crown connectors fulfill this goal by creating secure attachments.

Micro threads

Faster osseointegration is the dream of every patient who undergoes dental implants. The screw used for dental implants uses Titanium as its material and hence, is smooth. If the area of the surface of these screws is somehow increased, the goal can be achieved. Micro threads are a useful tool for this since they etch the surface with acid leading to the formation of a pitted surface. These threads execute a secure connection.

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