Due to our modern diet that is rich in sugar and fats, taking care of our teeth is more important than ever. If you want a pretty smile and healthy teeth, you need to do regular checkups to make sure nothing is going wrong. While these are great precautionary steps, this doesn’t mean you’re completely safe from cavities – thankfully, our teeth give us warning signs before any serious damage happens to them, and if we are aware of the signs, we can keep our teeth healthy year-round. This article will tell you about the most common and important signs you need to be on the lookout for

#1 Bad Breath

Although a bout of bad breath might be normal once in a while, if you constantly suffer from bad breath this is a really bad sign. Gum diseases and bad mouth hygiene will slowly make your mouth hospitable to harmful bacteria that will give you a constant bad breath, which won’t only harm your social standing but your health too.

You need to make sure you stick to a constant schedule when brushing and flossing. When you wake up, you should also make sure you drink a cup of water. If the problems persist, don’t be afraid of going in for a checkup.

#2 Gum Bleeding

While your gums bleeding from time to time when brushing, it’s perfectly normal, they shouldn’t bleed a couple of times a week. This is usually a bad sign that either means you’re terrible at brushing or there are underlying problems with your gum.

In particular, inflamed gums are particularly susceptible to bleeding by the lightest touch, and you need to go see a doctor to take a look at it.

#3 The Color of the Tongue

The color of the tongue has been linked to health across many cultures historically, and it turns out, ancient wisdom holds in this case. Because the color of your tongue tells us a lot about your health, in general, and the health of your mouth, in particular.

One of the most common conditions is where a coating amasses over your tongue, and it appears white. According to dentists, this means harmful bacteria live in your mouth, and your teeth will get damaged in the long run.

#4 White Patches on Your Teeth

As the outer layers of your teeth slowly erode, white patches might appear, and they are usually the first signs of an impending cavity. This is the reason why it is considered one of the most important signs by doctors that you should pay special attention to.

Once a month, you should hold a hand mirror and check for white patches all over your mouth, and if you detect any, contact your dentist immediately.

#5 Overt Sensitivity to Temperature

We’ve all experienced a little toothache when drinking a really hot beverage or munching on ice cream, and that is a totally normal phenomenon. What’s not normal is having a constant toothache at the slightest contact with slightly abnormal temperatures.

This could signify an underlying problem with your teeth that you must do something about. Thankfully, due to the ease of travel and increased globalization, you can easily get inexpensive dental treatment abroad, which is an option you should definitely consider.


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