Changes in breast shape and size occur mostly after pregnancies and breastfeeding, but due to technology, this is no longer an issue to worry about. You can get your breasts back to normal with an implant in no time at all. Correct various issues on your breasts such as unequal breast sizes and small-sized breasts through procedures for breast implants.

Breast implants can help you to develop confidence in your body. It’s the female front of a lady that is attractive hence you should never have breasts that make you feel ashamed. It also helps to increase your self-esteem. You get breasts that you desire and others envy.

Implants are long lasting unlike pills that once you are off, the breasts get back to their former non-attractive shape or look worse. There are many types of breast implants depending on your situation and preferences.


Top 6 Types of Breast Implants Available

  1.    Saline Breast Implants

These implants have sterilized salty water filled in them. They’re coated with silicone that’s used to improve the shape and size of your breasts. They are usually inserted in the breast without the inner fluid.

The fluid, salty water, is then filled and the breast attains a desired shape. In case of rapture, the breast tends to lose its shape and size. If that happens, the implant should be removed and corrected. The sterile salty water is not harmful to the body, hence it’s safe.

  1.    Silicone Breast Implants

They contain silicone gel with a similar feeling to that of human tissues. They are inserted with the gel already in place. The implant is used to correct the shape and size of the breast.

Unlike saline breast implants, your breasts don’t lose shape or size in case the implants rapture. However, if that happens, the implant must be removed. What’s more, go for regular check-ups if you choose this implant because it requires more precaution.

  1.    Gummy Bear Implants

These implants bear this name because they don’t lose their shape if the top layer gets broken. They’re usually firm unlike other implants. They have a specific side for top and bottom. Therefore, take care to ensure it’s inserted correctly. Wrong insertion can result to a procedure for correction.

  1.    Round Implants

Breasts with these implants appear to be more filled. The implant is mostly used for enlargement of breasts. They do not require much keenness because they’re round all over, meaning they have no specific side for top or bottom.

  1.    Smooth Implants

They give the breasts a soft feeling. Moreover, they aren’t so stiff and thus can make your breasts more natural even in movement.

  1.    Textured Implants

Due to their tendency to stick to the tissues, they’re more fixed. This limits their movement inside the breasts.

Consult with your doctor on your issues and interests so that they give you advise on the best breast implant for you. Go for check-ups for each implant to ensure your breast implants are always in the right position and haven’t raptured.

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