Over time, facial steaming has become trendier as the go-to option for those who want to take good care of their facial skin and keep it healthy. And needless to mention at this point, it has more benefits that the name would suggest. But why is facial steaming so popular and what are its benefits? Below is a brief overview of facial steaming, some major reasons for its popularity and some of its surprising benefits you’d want to know about.

What is Facial Steaming?

Also known as facial sauna, facial steaming basically involves letting your face absorb steam for a couple of minutes from either a bowl of water or a facial steamer. For better results, some people prefer using a towel wrapped around the head, which subjects the face to as much steam as possible. Others prefer using hot towels directly on their face. Regardless of how you choose to do it, there is no denying the fact that facial steaming has numerous benefits which we will go ahead and outline.

Here are the benefits in a nutshell:

  • Combats the effects of aging
  • Removes toxins
  • Helps in preventing acne
  • Prevents dry skin
  • Hinders sinus problems
  • It has a relaxing experience
  • Saves money

1. Decreases the Effects of an Aging Skin

As we grow older, the rate at which new skin cells are produced decreases gradually.  The body also becomes less efficient in eliminating dead skin cells. As a result, this tends to make the skin look aged, discolored, and dull. And there’s nothing abnormal in that. It’s all the effects of aging. However, regular facial saunas can aid in stimulating the production of new skin cells and removal of dead cells. Facial steaming softens the outer surface layer of skin, which is mostly composed of dead skin cells. This makes it easier to exfoliate your skin, revealing a new and fresh skin layer. A facial steamer also enhances blood circulation around the face, resulting in increased skin turnover, which leaves your skin looking firmer and youthful.

2. Removes Toxins

Blame it in Mother Nature and metabolism, toxins are regularly deposited in various parts of the body, with the skin being one of those parts. When too much of these toxins build up in your skin, its integrity becomes affected. This can affect your skin tone, complexion, texture, and overall look. Fortunately, facial steaming has been found effective in ridding toxins from the skin at a much faster rate than the body can do on it’s own. When we sweat our skins releases toxins due to the heat from the sun or exercise. Since steam tends to open up the pores, which may be accompanied by sweating, skin steaming results in a greater release of toxins.

3. Helps in Preventing Acne

If you’re struggling with an acne breakout and you haven’t found a remedy yet, then facial steaming could be it. Acne occurs as a result of clogged pores, which become irritated and later infected. The heat from facial steamers opens up your sweat pores, breaking away the hard sebum material that is stuck in there. This, in turn, clears any bacteria or dirt that might lead or have led to an acne breakout. In this case, it can also be a helpful remedy for those already suffering from acne.

4. Facial Steaming Prevents Dry Skin

Since facial steaming opens up your skin pores and makes the skin more absorbent, all your hydrating and nourishing skin products will be more effective in fighting dry skin. This is because they are now able to penetrate deeper into the skin. However, it is important to avoid steaming your face for prolonged periods or too frequently as this can cause excessive sweating, a dehydrating effect that may lead to dry skin. And you don’t want to be taken in circles, do you?

5. Hinders Sinus Problems

The other benefit of facial steamers is that they convert water into a moisturizing and soothing mist that assists in preventing the detrimental effects of dry air on our sinuses. Vaporized mist is known to promote sinus function as it makes exhalation and inhalation more effortless. To achieve a more refreshing and calming effect you could pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil in your bowl of water. Even though Eucalyptus oil is not the nicest smell around, it is an important natural, nourishing, and essential oil that will help your sinuses.

6. Relaxing Experience

Steam is commonly used for relaxation therapy, which is one of the reasons why steam saunas are so popular. Facial steaming is no different. It provides a calming and soothing experience that will keep you looking forward to your next facial steaming procedure every week. Furthermore, adding ingredients such as lavender, parsley, and geranium oil adds a sensual fragrance to the process, making it a whole new aromatherapy experience. For an up to date guide to stream saunas, please check out https://www.globosurfer.com/best-infrared-saunas/

7. Saves Money

Let’s not deny the obvious here, everyone wants to save a buck from time to time.  The good news is, facial steaming is one of the cheapest facial skin care routines available. All you need is a significant amount of water in a bowl and electricity to heat it up. You can also choose to buy a facial steamer, which you can easily find online for as low as $20 – $60 for a standard model. Whichever option you choose you can enjoy and relish a facial sauna at the comfort of your house without having to spend money at a spa each week.

Including a weekly or bi-weekly facial steaming session in your overall beauty routine will have numerous benefits and make your skin look fresh, younger, and healthier, not forgetting a better skin complexion. Nonetheless, caution is recommended for those with extremely sensitive skin. If you happen to be one of them, care to remember that the recommended time for steaming is a maximum of 10 -15 minutes, gently cleansing your skin afterwards to eliminate loosened debris. When looking for a good facial steamer, be sure to check out professional reviews online before buying. oglf.org/best-facial-steamer is one of the sites you may want to check out for the best home facial steamers online reviews.









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