Similar to other trends like fashion and technology, plastic surgery procedures also keep on changing and advancing as time goes on. Research shows that even patients who have previously had cosmetic treatments are considering other treatments months to a year after. This shows that the demand is ever increasing.

With this comes the need for you to familiarize yourself with the upcoming trends. Plastic surgeons, who are often in competition, need to be aware of the latest trends to attract new patients and do a perfect job. Get the best surgical treatments and procedures at DRG Plastic Surgery from highly experienced plastic surgeons. Below are the top 3 positive trends in plastic surgery going in to 2020.

The use of frequencies in plastic surgery procedures

The popularity of ultrasound & radio-frequency treatments will continue increasing going in to 2020. The use of these treatments in surgical procedures performed to combat the aging process is quite common. Plastic surgeons use special energy devices that create enough heat in the skin that causes the skin to shrink, resulting in a lift on the desired body part from the neck, face or body. The frequencies combined with gravity prevent sagging of the skin making it appear tight.

Radio-frequency treatments using technology like FaceTite can also be used to reduce the appearance of loose skin and correct neck and jawline sagging. Nose jobs are also slowly switching from regular to ultrasonic rhino-sculpture using ultrasonic energy. The use of ultrasonic energy in surgery has been said to deliver faster recoveries and desirable results since surgeons can accurately shape your nose with minimal soft tissue damage.

Fat reduction procedures

As a result of increasing age, many people’s skin elasticity is affected. With so many people looking at reducing weight, many are embracing fat reduction procedures. If you’d like to gain or lose weight a piece of your skin can be cut out or a face-lift or body lift procedure can be performed. 

Fat reduction procedures like abdominoplasty, body lifts and liposuction performed on the abdomen will continue trending. In abdominoplasty, any excess skin and fats are removed from the lower abdomen to give your body a slimmer waistline and contoured shape. Fat-grafting is also likely to continue being popular with a focus on contouring and fine-tuning instead of plumping.

Also, abdominal wall muscles can also be tightened to make the contour look more natural.

Liposuction and body lifts can also be performed alongside abdominoplasty. Body lift is a plastic surgery used to remove excess and loose skin, especially in patients who have lost excess weight after surgeries like bariatric surgery or from dieting. The surgery restores the body contours giving your body an appealing shape. It can also be used to remove excess skin from other parts of the body like the breasts, thighs, and arms.

Liposuction involves the removal of fats. Incisions are made and excess on the areas with lots of fat and using suction the fat can be removed. This enables you to reduce weight, which is caused by fat cells and promotes healthy skin. The fats are broken down via the suction process, reducing the number of fat cells as well as their distribution in your body. But to sustain positive results from the procedure you will need to maintain your weight by dieting and exercise after the surgery otherwise fat will be deposited and accumulate in other areas of your body.

Breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries being performed in cosmetic industries. From 2019 there has been the use of high-tech “hybrid” breast augmentation and this is likely to continue into 2020. The high-tech breast augmentation procedure involves a combination of implants and reshaping with fewer risks. The results are breasts with a more natural look and well-positioned implants. Apart from breast augmentation and breast reconstruction, there are other breast procedures like fat injection, breast reduction, DIEP reconstruction, and mastopexy.

Other surgical procedures that will continue trending include lip enhancements where fillers are used to enhance the effect of the Lip Lifts. Injectables and fillers which mimic the texture of your skin that are long-lasting are also set to be released in 2020.

According to most cosmetic experts, a large number of the patients undergoing treatments are younger, especially under the age of 30 compared to previous years. This is likely to rise in 2020 due to access to fillers and peels in most spas. Though these aesthetic procedures are meant to enhance classic beauty, it’s important to be cautious. With the right information, you will be able to achieve your ideal aesthetic.

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