It is absolutely essential to search for beneficial ingredients when you are buying products for treating an acne-prone skin. However, simultaneously you should also pay attention to certain ingredients that should not be included in your acne treatment products. Thanks to medical science, today there is not only an abundance of over-the-counter creams but also specialized surgeries and treatments that greatly help in getting rid of acne. Many of these products and treatments, however, are intended for adolescent skin – implying that they can dry and disturb the skin texture of those who are well past pubescence.

An ideal way to pick the right pimple cream for you is to carefully read the label and completely interpret what it says. This understanding will tell you what you are going to apply on your face. Those who have dealt or are dealing with acne know that it is both irritating and difficult to get rid of. Therefore, it is critical to understand what product you are using and how to use it for achieving new, dazzling healthy-looking skin.

Watch out for these four key ingredients that will shoot those zits into non-existence and make sure that you stay away from some that skin specialists say may really worsen your skin.

Ingredients You Want:

  1. Retinoids

Retinol, Retin-A and retinoids are the best thing you can get your skin. They peel skin, reduce inflammation and stop future breakouts. It is recommended to use products containing these ingredients every night for best results. Tretinoin (a retinoid) works to balance the skin cells, lessen oil production, and even helps decreasing the dark skins that a breakout can cause.

  1. Low-dose benzoyl peroxide

This ingredient is old but gold. It helps eliminate bacteria on the skin that is responsible for skin inflammation. However, one should be careful about the dosage before buying. Some acne products are too harsh for the dryer, more mature skin of adults. The right dosage of benzoyl peroxide in your acne cream should be not more than 3 percent.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Studies have proved that tea tree oil is practically as helpful as benzoyl peroxide at freeing skin from acne. It takes somewhat longer to work but it can be better tolerated.

  1. Natural skin soothers

When an adult skin is attacked with pimples and blemishes, it takes more time to heal, implying that you will probably have to use products longer. This further implies that your skin will probably dry out due to the constant application of mentioned ingredients. For your skin protection, it is recommended to search for products that contain hazel and natural moisturizing lotions, like shea butter, which can help with peeling and irritation.

Along with these ingredients, there are certain elements that shouldn’t be a part of your acne healing remedies (cream or treatment). These include: irritating additives such as parabens which provoke a hypersensitive reaction to susceptible. You should also avoid products consisting of sulfates, triclosan, antibiotics, and phthalates, which can be irritating as well. Alcohol-free products will be somewhat more comfortable for people with sensitive skin as it tends to dry out the area of application.

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