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My personal experience of undergoing hair transplant Turkey.

I am Matthew Jones, a British national who recently underwent hair transplant in Turkey around two months back and it was such a wonderful and fulfilling experience that I felt I should share it with others like me who are suffering from severe hair loss and baldness.

Yes, I did mention Turkey for hair restoration!

Ok! You must be wondering about the political turbulence and terrorist attack which took place in 2016.

Well, that is the thing of the past. The situation has returned to normal and basically, it is safe for you to travel to this exotic country.

For years, Turkey has been a top tourist destination with millions of people visiting it every year. Alone 1.7 million British nationals have visited Turkey in 2017 of which many being medical tourist coming here for Turkey hair transplant.

You must be wondering why hair transplant Turkey?

In recent times, Turkey has emerged as the most preferred destination for hair transplant. You will be surprised to know that hair transplant in Turkey is a billion dollar industry with thousands of patients coming here every month.

Don’t be amazed!

Turkey has attained this top slot for a number of reasons but the main being cheap hair transplant cost in Turkey. Usually, hair restoration surgery in the developed countries is way too high and you will have to pay more than $18000 for your procedure. However, you can get this procedure for $2000 in Turkey. That’s a vast difference don’t you think.

I am sure you must be wondering about the quality of treatment. Let me assure you that you will get the best treatment for your hair transplant in Turkey as they have the world-best surgeons practicing here who have immense knowledge and expertise in this field.

Apart from this, the Turkey hair transplant clinics are well-equipped with the latest infrastructure and use the most advanced techniques when it comes to hair restoration.

With the amount of surgery being carried out on the daily basis, the surgeons here have a lot of experience and are able to produce the best results.

What to expect regarding hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, affordable hair transplant cost in Turkey was the main reason why I choose to come here for treatment. I was plagued with severe hair loss for some years and over a period of time, I developed a bald patch in my crown area.

All this really freaked me out! I was just 28 years old, I tried everything to stop the hair loss, be it different shampoos or topical ointments like Rogaine which is a hair growth drug or a variety of oils and home remedies, but sadly nothing worked.

Hair transplant did cross my mind, but I could not afford the exorbitant cost of it in Britain. I was really heartbroken and depressed. Once while surfing the net in search of an economical solution for hair loss, I came across hair transplant Turkey.

I got to know that nowadays it is no big deal in going to another country for medical treatment in order to save money. On further research, I realized that Turkey was considered a haven for hair transplant surgery for its advanced treatment options and low hair transplant cost in Turkey.

It really intrigued me and I got in contact with a few renowned Turkey hair transplant clinics to understand the process and their pricing. While searching for the best clinics I realized there were more than 300 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul alone.

Whew! Hair transplant Turkey is a big thriving industry.

The clinics which I got in touch with were very professional and some of them were JCI accredited. They provided me with all the details and I even shared my photos with them to get an estimate on hair transplant cost in Turkey.

I was shocked when I was told the hair transplant cost in Turkey.

I was informed that I will have to pay around $2000 for hair transplant Turkey.

Want to know the best part!

Hair transplant cost in Turkey also includes a number of services completely free. Like inclusive of the surgery you are also provided with free accommodation at a good hotel, have a pickup to and fro from the airport and clinic in a luxury car, service of a translator and many clinics also offer free of cost sight-seeing.

I was delighted! I zeroed down on the best Turkey hair transplant clinic after reading reviews of several centers and researching on various hair transplant surgeons.

I just could not wait any longer and after fixing my appointment for surgery at the earliest available date I flew to Turkey for my hair restoration surgery.

My surgery for hair transplant in Turkey

On reaching Turkey, I was taken for consultation with the doctor. At the clinic I saw several patients, some of whom had undergone surgery, some had come for follow-up and others had come for consultation like me.

The clinic was ultra-modern, fitted with the latest equipment and on meeting the doctor I felt reassured that I had made the right decision. He was very warm and attentive. He analyzed my scalp and briefly told me about the procedure.

They were going to perform FUE hair transplant technique which is the latest procedure and gives amazing results. With FUE, you are assured best results, quick recovery and no visible scars. For hair transplant Turkey, FUE is the most widely used procedure.

Finally, the day of my surgery arrived

I was so nervous. Seeing my state the surgeon had a small pep talk with me to relax my nerves and calm me down.

I was given local anesthesia on my scalp so that I may not feel any pain. Then the surgeon started removing the hair follicles one by one with the help of the motorized punch from the donor area which is the back and sides of the head.

There was no pain and I was busy seeing a movie. After extraction, I was given a short break so that I could have lunch and move about so as to stretch my legs.

After the break, the surgeon started implanting the grafts in the slits in the recipient area which was prepared beforehand. Luckily there was no pain but I could feel the pressure they applied on my scalp while transplanting the grafts.

Eventually, after around 7 hours the hair transplant session was over and I heaved a sigh of relief. Though the procedure was not actually painful it is natural to be tense in such situation.

The doctor had prescribed antibiotics to fight off infection and painkillers. I was briefed about the potential side-effects during my initial consultation and was relieved to know that there were no permanent and major complications. Minor side-effects like swelling, bruising, itching and pain will subside within a few days.

Care post hair transplant in Turkey

The best part of hair transplant procedure is that it does not need extra care and precaution. We just have to follow the basic routine of avoiding going out in the sun and keeping our head covered with a hat so as to protect it from dust and pollution.

For a few days, the doctor advised me to sleep in an upright position so that the swelling subsides and the grafts are protected. I had to keep the scalp clean by shampooing regularly.

Am I satisfied with my hair transplant Turkey?

You bet! I have never been this happy. I realized my dream of having hair restoration; I am a few months away from having a head full of hair. Thanks to hair transplant Turkey for making my dream come true. The surgeon was great and they have done a good job. I can see my new hairline and it brings me immense joy.

My family and friends are also so excited seeing my new hairline and many of them have already planned to go for hair transplant in Turkey.

Even I am promoting Turkey hair transplant to all my acquaintances as I feel everybody should get a chance to regrow their hair and hair transplant cost in Turkey is so affordable that most of us can opt for it.

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