The FUT and FUE are both similar methods of transplanting hair, but the more modern approach is the FUE method, which many specialists consider the better of the two procedures.

The FUE has been noted to have several benefits when it comes to the results of the hair transplant procedure. This is because the way in which hair is removed from the donor area has a big impact on such as aspects as the appearance and size of scars.

However, this is not the only benefit and scientists led by Dr. Robert Bernstein of Columbia University have studied and assessed the advantages and results of completing an FUE transplant versus an FUT transplant procedure.

By grafting a few hair follicles into slits, the healing appears to be much better according to these scientists. A small clotted mass forms along with the connective tissue fibrin, to effectively seal the new hair follicles in place.

Healing time is also shorter if smaller incisions are made and smaller patches of hair follicles are grafted into place.

FUT vs. FUE – importance of the amount of tissue removed

The removal and grafting of less tissue is also more effective when trying to perfect the angle of the hair follicle grafts. The hair grows at a certain angle, which is tricky to replicate when placing grafts.

The point the scientists make is that the more excess tissue you have in addition to the actual hair follicles, the harder it is to achieve the angle you need, and the more difficult it becomes to achieve a more natural look from the hair grafts.

Really the extra tissue that comes along with the FUT makes it less effective and more difficult when it comes to achieving a natural appearance to the hair follicle grafts.

The thickening of tissue around a wound is called fibrosis, and is a much bigger problem with FUT. We know it causes a problem in the area of the donor hair, but Bernstein et al. suggest that it can also be a problem where the donor hair is implanted especially if the grafts have excess tissue associated with them.

The fibrosis can result in a distortion of the follicles and drastically alter how the hair subsequently grows. It is challenging to obtain a natural look when it comes to performing hair transplantation procedures but what is certain is that removing microscopic amounts is better than larger amounts of tissue.

When doctors perform a follicular transplant they make very small cuts in the scalp which results in less trauma to the tissues. As one can imagine, cutting into the scalp affects nerves and blood vessels as well, and so the smaller the slits made, the better the healing will be.

FUT vs. FUE: Which to choose?

It becomes clear from scientific research that the FUE has many advantages over the FUT in terms of healing of tissues and the creation of a natural look to the hair.

If it is possible, a person would be better off choosing the FUE over the FUT procedure due to these many benefits. To read more about if you should choose to have an FUE you can visit

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