Living in the social media age, image is very important. Whether your social media is used to promote products or simply post intimate moments of everyday life, you strive to look your best. There are, however, some downsides to social media. Constantly being in front of the camera can bring out insecurities, especially when compared to others.

A common physical attribute many people struggle with is their eyebrows. Eyebrows are one of the few standout facial features. Studies show that properly groomed eyebrows can drastically improve overall appearance. In fact, eyebrow projection actually impacts people’s perception of you. Surgeons liken the eyebrows’ relationship with the eyes to a picture and the perfect frame. Eyebrows’ projection raises overall attractiveness, which is improved by higher walls.

There are a number of reasons for thin eyebrows. A major cause of thinner eyebrows is genetics. Trauma-induced thinning caused by tweezing, waxing, and other grooming techniques are also common. Eczema also causes eyebrow shedding. The inflammation and itching associated with this condition causes hair loss.

Eyebrows are a popular trend on a number of social media platforms. Many people do tutorials for other eyebrow enthusiasts. There are even influencers that endorse makeup for eyebrows. For people who aren’t great with makeup or don’t have time to apply it everyday, there is an alternative: eyebrow transplants. Similar to a hair transplant, eyebrow transplants transfer your hair grafts to your brow line. This cosmetic procedure remedies thin eyebrows permanently. Because of this, eyebrow transplants are growing in popularity.

How Eyebrow Transplantation Works

Before diving into a cosmetic eyebrow procedure, it’s important to understand the process. To start, you’ll need a consultation. This allows the surgeon to better understand your individual needs. Consultations also determine procedure costs. Once you and your surgeon go over the details, it’s time for the procedure.

On the day of your procedure, you’ll receive an aesthetic for relaxation. Depending on the particular style, the surgeon will intricately remove between 250 and 400 hairs. Oftentimes, the surgeon will use tiny needles to remove the donor hairs from behind the ear. These needles are used to minimize scarring. Each hair is implanted one by one until the desired shape is achieved.

Post- Eyebrow Implantation

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, eyebrow transplantation doesn’t require a postoperative hospital stay. In fact, you can go home immediately following the procedure to recover. Although you may experience slight bruising or swelling, the recovery process is typically quick and painless. Avoid picking scabs during recovery.

Keep in mind, it takes a bit of time for visible results for both partial and full grafts. In some cases, permanent results can take up to a year to show up. The results that do appear are permanent. If you experience pus, bleeding, or extreme swelling, contact your surgeon for further assistance.

This procedure should result in fuller, shapely eyebrows. It’s normal to experience shedding for a couple of weeks. It’s also recommended to avoid strenuous activity for a couple of weeks as you recover. When your hair grows back, it’s recommended you trim the hairs to retain the desired shape of your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Transplant Precautions

Once you’ve decided to undergo eyebrow transplantation, there are a number of things to consider. For one, make sure you thoroughly research qualified surgeons. Taking shortcuts to save money can cost you later on. If your surgeon messes up your procedure, you may have to pay for a correctional procedure.

In addition to getting another procedure for corrective reasons, you may need to get another surgery despite being performed correctly. In rare cases, the hair grafts never take. If you’re unwilling to undergo two procedures, eyebrow transplantation may not be for you.

Since this is considered a “non medical” procedure, it’s likely your insurance policy won’t cover it. Eyebrow transplant costs depend on your specific needs and vary between $3,000 and $6,000. These costs include anesthesia, surgeon costs, and fees for use of the facility. This is the cost for one procedure, so consider saving additional funds for potential follow up costs.

Be sure to discuss your medical history with your surgeon. Certain conditions or accidents responsible for hair loss can reduce the price or even be covered by your insurance policy. If your insurance does cover your procedure, you’ll still need to pay deduction and copay costs. Depending on your surgeon, they may offer discounts, financing, or payment plan options.

Having thin eyebrows can make anyone insecure. Whether you’re a social media influencer or suffer from a medical hair-loss condition, eyebrow transplantation is an option for you. Depending on your desired procedure, it can take a few hours. Another benefit is eyebrow transplants don’t require a mandatory hospitalization following the operation.

If you have a condition that conflicts with anesthesia, be sure to speak to your surgeon during your consultation about alternatives. Also discuss payment options, especially if you have a medical condition that qualifies for a reduced price. Be sure to also discuss potential side effects. Eyebrow transplantations come with potential risks, including infection, bruising, nerve damage, and scarring. In severe cases, contact your healthcare provider for relief.

Don’t let your looks hold you back any longer. Schedule your eyebrow transplantation consultation today.

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