Laser hair removal is a quick process that uses an intense light to destroy hair follicles under our skin. A few sessions are recommended due to the natural hair cycle for the best possible results. The light of the laser converts into heat, which is absorbed into the root of the hair and destroys it. After a few sessions, you should notice a reduction in hair growth.

This article aims to debunk some of the myths, misconceptions and worries that come with the idea of laser hair removal.

Myth – It’s a Painful Treatment

Anything that involves the removal of body hair is going to be experienced in varied ways. The burn that comes with laser hair removal is considered to be very low. If you have a low pain threshold, ask your technician to use a lower laser energy. Often referred to as a “quick burn”, laser hair removal is very quick and is considered to be less painful than waxing. So if you can handle waxing, you should be able to handle laser. The best part is that it is over within minutes.

Don’t let the misconception of laser hair removal being uncomfortable and painful deter you – it’s simply not the case and you’ll be in and out of the clinic quickly.

Myth – You Don’t Actually Need More Sessions

Your technician isn’t just suggesting more sessions so they can make more money. Hair goes through a cycle of growth, so it’s vital to have sessions according to this cycle.

Essentially, hair goes through a cycle of growing and reforming at the root over a period of weeks. Having sessions spread out over a number of weeks will help attack all of the hair that’s attempting to develop. While laser hair removal can’t be performed in the one go, a few sessions will mean that you’re greatly reducing the chance of hair to continue growing. It has nothing to do with the strength of the laser or how often the technician revisits the area during the session – it really just is a process of growth.

Myth – It’s unsafe

One of the biggest myths surrounding laser hair removal is that it’s an unsafe procedure. Some of these concerns stem from the idea that the use of the laser on the skin is dangerous or that it will cause burning or scarring.

There are precautionary steps that are highly recommended prior to your laser session to ensure your skin is not burned. If your technician inspects your skin and decides they can’t perform the treatment on you, for reasons like you’re sunburnt or have a fake tan on, the treatment will not be performed, as it would be unsuccessful and could also burn you. A lower energy laser will be used on people of darker skin tones to prevent this as well.

Unlike the radiation emitted by X-rays, the wavelengths used in laser hair removal are extremely low, making them a safe type of laser for human skin. You do not need to be concerned about the laser light used in laser hair removal, as it is of low intensity and is recognised as a safe treatment.

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