Non-operational contour plastic, performed by the introduction of filers, has gained mass popularity. Cosmetologists, with the help of fillers with different composition, density, tighten facial contours; remove wrinkles, folds, form cheekbones, lips. In order to obtain a qualitative result, in addition to the professional work of a doctor, it is necessary not to mistake the choice of gel. German filers have a dense texture, safe to use. Belotero and Restylane will help make the face young and attractive. But which one is better?

Restylane filler

Fillers enjoy well-deserved popularity due to their high quality characteristics. They are produced on the basis of hyaluronic acid of non-living (natural) origin, which minimizes the risk of rejection, allergic reactions and significant swelling.

Sphere of application – correction of face oval, elimination of folds on forehead and in the area of nasolabial triangle, in corners of eyes. The drug is initially positioned as a means to correct the shape of the lips as well. But experts argue that Yuviderm performs this task better and more qualitatively.

The Restylane filler come of different kinds:

  • Restylane – shallow folds and bowl wrinkles;
  • Restylane Touch – bowl wrinkles of different depths;
  • Perlane – deep wrinkles in nasolabial folds, between eyebrows, face oval pull;
  • Restylane SubQ – cheekbones, chin;
  • Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital Light are filers for biorevitalization.

The innovations Restylane Lipp Volume and Restylane Lipp Refresh are specifically for working with problematic lips. The workers took into account the high mime activity of this part of the face, creating a universal formula of filers.

Belotero filler

When choosing, it is necessary to determine what goals you pursue. If you only need to correct the lip pattern or increase their volume – you can safely use any of the above-mentioned drugs, the result will be approximately similar. If, in addition to increasing your lips, you want to eliminate a pair of wrinkles, say, in the nasolabial zone or in the neck area, you need to give preference to one of Belotero’s fillers.

The presented drug is intended for the purpose of treating smile lines; it is still unique in its kind in eliminating thin wrinkles. It can be used to soften lines around lips, goose legs and other fine lines on various parts of the face. Belotero, cost which is acceptable to everyone, consist of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance. They are unique in their ability to cross with skin collagen, and the fine nature of the drug is ideal for eliminating fine lines and treating in sensitive areas, such as under the eyes and lips (smoker lines). Belotero does not cause skin darkening (Tindal effect) when surface administered to these areas.

So what’s best for lips – Belotero vs Restylane?

So what to choose?

In the lines of “eternal rivals” Belotero and Restylane there is about the same set of filers with similar properties. Both cosmetic drugs have comparable prices. The duration of the effect obtained after the administration of the Restylane and Baelotero filers is also similar. So what to choose is a matter of taste and personal preference. The main thing is to give appearance to a professional and listen to his recommendations as to which drug is most suitable in your case.

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