Drip Hydration is a fairly new form of therapy that uses an IV to directly introduce water, vitamins, and minerals into your bloodstream. Proponents of the therapy say that undergoing hydration therapy will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. It does so by rehydrating your body with nutrient-rich fluids.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Dehydration can cause many negative effects on your well-being. The human body is made up of 60 percent water. When you become dehydrated, you to lose precious water and electrolytes, both of which are vital to many critical body functions’ ability to efficiently do their jobs.

Important Reasons to Stay Hydrated

  • Water helps sustain your blood volume
  • Staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature
  • Water acts as a solvent for chemical reactions
  • Lubricates and absorbs shock to your joints, organ membranes, and brain
  • Assists circulation
  • Keeps your kidneys healthy
  • Drinking plenty of fluids helps your athletic performance
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Reduces negative moods, confusion, and fatigue
  • Improves cognitive performance
  • Helps stave off migraines and headaches
  • Disease prevention including kidney stones, constipation, and urinary tract infections

IV Drip Hydration Therapy

The significant role water plays in our bodies for our health cannot be overstressed. Its presence is important and drip hydration therapy can help replenish lost nutrients and fluids to help improve your overall health. Using an IV, hydration therapy can also deliver a custom blend of medications, vitamins, and other supplements depending on your specific needs.


Hydration therapy is popular because of its minimally-invasive nature and its ability to help treat dehydration as well as a number of other common ailments. For example, a hangover relief treatment option is often offered in IV hydration therapy clinics. Matt Heistan from AZ IV Medics (https://azivmedics.com/) says that some of the best things to cure a hangover are vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, glutathione, magnesium, and getting hydrated. Other reasons to book an IV drip hydration therapy session are:

To maintain your overall well-being

Keep your organs and systems healthy and running at peak efficiency by keeping them hydrated

To enhance your physical performance

If you compete in sports or other physical activities, you most likely push yourself to the limit. Hydration with some added amino acids and electrolytes can help to maximize your performance as well as help speed up muscle recovery.

To help keep you looking younger

Dehydration can add to the aging process by drying out skin, causing blemishes, and defining wrinkles. IV therapy can hydrate your skin from the inside. You can also add nutrients that will help flush toxins from your system and keep your skin clear and toned.


The side effects of having a bit too much to drink can last hours into the next day making you miserable. Those aching joints, pounding head, and nausea are all caused by dehydration and vitamin loss.

Seasonal Bugs

Coming down with the flu or catching a cold can often feel like a regular occurrence that comes around every year. Instead of miserably riding it out, you can greatly reduce the length of its grip by getting an IV treatment that fights back with vitamin C and other antioxidants. Staying hydrated can also give your immune system a boost. Plus, your doctor will appreciate you listening when he told you, “Stay hydrated.”

Jet Lag and sleep issues

Many things can affect your sleep and cause fatigue. Jet lag is one culprit. Dehydration can make you feel sluggish and irritable but it can also affect your sleep in other ways. It can cause cramping in your legs, cause a dry throat and nose that leads to snoring, and can make your overall health feel subpar which can cause tossing and turning or sleep disruption. A vitamin-rich IV hydration therapy session can get you back to a good night’s sleep.


IV therapy can be used to infuse your body with Ketamine to help relieve depression symptoms in some people. Also, remaining hydrated allows you to sleep better and feel better overall which can help boost your mood.

Whether you are tending to the aftermath of a wild night out, suffering from chronic migraines, looking for an edge at your next game, or just want an overall feeling of well-being, IV drip hydration therapy can give you a quick way to help improve many ailments and issues that may be stopping you from being your best.

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