Botox is very popular in dealing with wrinkles. Most celebrities over the age of 40 use Botox and the trend is catching up among ordinary folk. However, before you rush to do Botox, make sure to do it at a reputable clinic. If it is done by quacks, there could be complications and you might ruin your face. So how do find a good Botox clinic? To help you out, here are 6 tips to finding a reputable Botox clinic.


  1.    Make use of customer reviews

Customer reviews are a foolproof way to find a good clinic for Botox.  Before you engage the services of any clinic, take a look at their reviews. The more positive reviews a clinic has, the higher the chances that they are good at their work. For instance, for someone in Melbourne, a quick internet search for the  best Botox treatment clinic in Melbourne will show you that, Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors is highly revered by its past clients. This makes it the first choice for anyone looking to do Botox.


  1.   Make sure the doctors are qualified

Before you move to do Botox at a clinic, make sure that they have the necessary paperwork proving their qualification. This is your face on the line so it makes sense to scrutinize the person handling it. One of the best ways to do this is to countercheck the Doctor’s name with your local medical practitioner’s certification bodies. If they are qualified, and accredited, go ahead and do the procedure.


  1.    Make sure the clinic is insured

Before you engage the services of a clinic for Botox, make sure that they have insurance. The idea is to ensure that you are covered, just in case, something goes wrong in the course of the procedure. Without proper insurance, a clinic might find it hard to compensate you, or would end up compensating you after lengthy and unnecessary court battles. Take the measure of enquiring about their insurance, and protect yourself from such issues.

  1.    Go for pre-procedure consultation

Most reputable clinics offer free pre-procedure consultation or charge a small fee for it. Make use of this service and sample out different clinics. From these consultations, you will find one that meets your needs both in terms of staff quality, and the overall attractiveness of the clinic. This is one of the best approaches to selecting a clinic objectively.

  1.    The quality of their follow-up process

Before you engage a clinic for Botox, make sure you research on their follow up services. This is very important, especially if you are doing Botox for the first time. Follow-up is so important because you need to know whether everything is going on well after the procedure.  You can’t know this if the clinic just does the procedure, and lets you go with no follow-up.

  1.   Go for a clinic focused on cosmetic surgery

When choosing a clinic, go for one focused on the face, and other cosmetic procedures. That’s because, through their specialization, they are able to focus on giving quality services, in order to draw in more clients. As such, they have a higher probability of giving you a top quality service, relative to the general practice clinic.

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