As you scour the internet trying to stay up to update on the latest beauty tips, tricks, and techniques, you can easily find yourselves nearing a black hole, drowning in a web of information, forgetting why you are even there. This is especially true when it comes to beauty and skin care. Who’s right, who’s wrong, what’s their background, is there a person even from this planet? Well, maybe not the last one, but my point is, everybody is an expert and everyone the authority. How can you truly know who has trustworthy information? You don’t. You try, experiment and find out what works for you.

I follow several blogs and take advice from, some more than others. Here I’ve compiled a short list of the ones I use when I’m hunting for information about a particular beauty product, routine or just entertainment. The blogs below will get you started in your quest for the healthier more beautiful skin.

Kimberly Loc

Breakouts in your armpits so much fun when you’re sitting in the hot sun at your kid’s soccer game said no mom EVER! There wasn’t a single deodorant that I could find that wouldn’t give me the itch. So, in my search to find natural deodorants, I stumbled across lifestyle and natural beauty blog. There’s a section on her site that has complete guides on natural deodorants, cleansers, and creams. The ultimate guide to natural deodorants helped me find a brand that will not cause me to breakout and remain “stink free” as she calls it.

B22 Health

Since I’ve decided to live a healthier lifestyle for myself and people I love, B22 Health has helped to make this change more manageable. It provides a great mix of health and beauty content with topics ranging from reversing sun damage to improving heart health. They have an article on skin care chemicals to avoid that I heavily rely on as a reference when I am shopping for skin care products. Being that have sensitive combination skin, I’m always on the lookout for useful information that will give an advantage and B22 Health has it.

Natural Beauty Workshop

Ever wanted to know how to make your soap, healing mask, body butter and lip balms? Check out The Natural Beauty Workshop. Using some of their all natural recipes, I was able to make myself a body butter, and for my husband, I made an oil mix for his beard. If you’re in a creative space visit:

Peach & Lily

Started by Harvard Business School Student and licensed esthetician Alica Yoon’s blog Peach & Lily provides information on all things surrounding Korean Skin Care. Though I’m not Korean, myself, I have found precious information regarding products that I’m interested, night routines and skin care recommendation from her Ask Lily section. They’ll even provide a free personalized skincare consultation, which is definitely on my to-do list.

Mademoiselle Nature

When bloggers talk about being experts in the skincare space, this is especially true with Mademoiselle Nature. She’s a scientist by trade and has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Cell Biology. With that said, her blog is informative and enjoyable to read. Her product reviews give you straight facts providing sound advice on beauty, helping you to make better more informed choices.

After spending a few minutes on each site, it’s easy to see why these are my top 5 natural skin care blogs.

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