College is great. You get to learn and study the area that sets your heart on fire. However, college also comes with it’s not so greats and toxic behaviors that people should be wary of. Some of these behaviors will leave you wondering if it’s really part of a college environment. College students still need a lot of guidance so here are 6 behaviors you should be wary of when you’re in college

  • Comparison and Group Think

College is known for driving its belonging based on comparing each other to one another – whether that be academics, grades or how many friends you may have in your circle. When people come together, a toxic kind of behavior builds. Groupthink means individuals lose a sense of accountability and instead yearn for conformity where irrational decisions or comments are made as an outcome. Beware of groups that come together and purposely make you feel unattended. Don’t be part of those friend groups and be alert for those behaviors so you aren’t left wondering if the friends you made in those groups are genuine or not.

  • Drugs

Drugs are a growing problem on college campuses. Common drugs distributed on campus have included marijuana and prescription drugs. Beware of groups that pressure you into doing drugs at campus parties or tell you it’s okay to try them once. Drugs is part of a toxic cycle of behavior that you should not be a part of.

  • Alcohol

Another toxic behavior in college is excessive drinking. Often, it can need college students struggling with alcoholism. To protect yourself from stepping into such a crowd, it’s important you find the signs

  • Excessive Partying

Partying will happen in college, it’s part of college culture. But be alert for people who behave a way that focuses more on partying than on actual studying. Excessive partying is a toxic behavior that can lead to failed classes and risk driving your academics down.

  • Cheating

Plagiarism and cheating in college happen more often than one may think. Don’t get yourself involved in that toxic behavior. It can lead to expulsion and dire consequences. Do good work, focus on yourself and if someone wants to copy your work, tell them no. It’s hard sometimes to say no to a friend who needs help, but it is their responsibility to do their work and honor yours as well.

  • Disruption

Disruptive behavior is toxic not only to the classroom but also for the college professor and yourself as a student. Steer away from people who like to disrupt and focus on the more important things. Be with people that bring harmony rather than disturbing others. That behavior sets the tone of how you want to live off your college days

College can be the highlight of your life or a point in your life you don’t want to share. By identifying toxic behaviors and knowing how to engage and not participate in those behaviors, you’re set for college on a positive note. You’ll learn, meet new friends and be able to enjoy your four years of college without surrounding yourself with toxic people and its consequences.

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