When an elder family member is in need of medical support, it may be very difficult for you to provide your services 24/7 due to other engagements of your own life. While assistance and solace provided by other family member, friends or community organizations may also not be enough, then your last resort is to maneuver and hunt for the best available home health services.

According to the surveys, it has surfaced that mostly nursing homes are being preferred by the masses. But home health care is considered to be more beneficial in terms of recovery, finances, surveillance, emotional backing and reinforcement.

A home health care agent may be hired for a few hours or for a 24 hours job as per the need of the aging adult. These home care agencies are equipped with certain types and categories of services which may further be altered according to the desired needs of the receiving elderly. Some of the basic ones are:

  1. Skilled nursing
  2. Physical therapy
  3. Occupational therapy
  4. Speech therapy
  5. Social workers
  6. General Health Management like timely medication
  7. Nutritional Help like assistance in eating, bathing, oral hygiene
  8. Homemaking help like cleaning, laundry, dishwashing
  9. Companionship like emotional support, book reading, workout partner

Why choose home health care services?

As evident by the term “Home Health Care”, it is the health care that is being provided at HOME by either health care professionals or by family and friends. Nothing can be more therapeutic and sanative than being taken care of within the loving environment of your own sanctuary. Furthermore, along with the above convenience and benefit there are several other significant reasons as to why home care health services at Standards Home Health should be preferred.

Expeditive Recovery

Who would like to go out of the homely environment and be treated for their illness and short coming? I guess NO one. Hospitals and nursing homes are considered to be the least prioritized spaces one would want to spend more than a few hours.

Where there is the presence of family friends and loved ones, recovery is perceived to be rapid and firm. Be it a psychological or a physical improvement. At this old age the only most important element for the residents is privacy, which you can acquire the best at your own home. Without having to follow any strict nursing home routines, visiting hours, check in and checkout hours, certain number of visitors at a certain instance, the boundaries of your own safe haven is the most preferred option.

Financial feasibility

Home care proves to be financially feasible because there is no boarding or room expense encountered. As the home health care services may be controlled as per the needs of the resident per day or on hourly basis, if the resident is comparatively more independent and only needs assistance with housekeeping or groceries or a few hours of companionship. As compared to the unnecessary expenses that might be paid to the nursing homes for the benefits and utilities that might not even be availed by the resident.

Proficient Medical Technology

With the advancement of medical technology, it is not necessary to be admitted to the hospital if it can be efficiently taken care of at home. Respiratory instruments, physical therapies, wound or skin care services can very effortlessly be provided at home by a registered nurse.

Tip: Make sure that the medical representative you are hiring is equipped and well trained with the right knowledge of treatment your resident requires. Moreover, none of the medical help should be hired for 7 days a week. Every person has the tendency to get exhausted, so either there may be a change of the representative after two or three days or there have to off days in between.

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