As people advance in age, a time comes when they cannot perform most normal activities on their own. Also, injuries are unpredictable and when they happen, they may live a disability. Likewise, some people live with disabilities since birth.

As it is a common and true saying, disability is not inability. Medical walking aids from help people with injuries, the elderly and those with disabilities to live independently. Here are some of the important mobility aids to consider.

How Walking Aids work Medical walking aids enable you to live a quality life and move around without help. Certhealth has various types of medical aids from rollators to canes and knee walkers among others.

Glance over Rollators or rolling walkers

Roll walkers have 2, 3 or 4 wheels and you can adjust them to your desired height for your comfort. They assist in mobility and offer extra support. The rollators help you to walk confidently and comfortable inside and outside. They are also light and safe. Walkers without wheels also work well and are easy to lift. Examples of medically approved are;

  • The Bariatric rolling walker with a padded seat
  • The Folding Walker with 2 front wheels
  • The junior folding walker with 2 wheels
  • Combo transport walker with a black pouch, 4 wheels, and loop brakes
  • Rollators with aluminum loop brake
  • Three wheel rolling walkers with a pouch, brakes and handle
  • The Atlantis rollator
  • Walkers with and without wheels

Know about Walking canes

They are made of different materials and come in diverse designs. A walking cane helps you facilitate walking. It also offers support, balance, and mobility. Walking canes are durable, stable and offer comfort.

Though different walking canes exist out there, the medically designed ones work to support you and aid in movement.  Some of the recommended medical walking canes include;

  • Folding cane with a magnifying glass,
  • The Offset cane that has a soft grip,
  • The Quad Cane
  • The standard cane with a soft grip made from silver.

Knee walkers Support

Previously, people recovering from knee, leg, ankle or foot injuries depended solely on crutches. Today, knee walkers have added to the use of crutches. Knee walkers are more comfortable and help you walk around comfortably. They also offer great relief to the elderly.  The choice of knee walkers depends on your needs, weight, and movement needed. Examples of medically certified knee walkers include;

  • Steerable knee scooter with a basket, handle and brake on both sides
  • Steerable scooter with a one side handle, basket, and brake

Walking aids from are highly approved and made by certified manufacturers of medical equipment. They are high quality products made to meet the walking needs of the injured, elderly and disabled. They have walking aids of all ages and most of them can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Make your life easier than ever

Medical mobility aids will help you live your life normally. You will not have to depend on anyone to move you around the house or outside. Walking canes, Rollators and knee walkers offer you with support and aid in your movement. Your choice for walking aids depends on your preference and needs.

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