As the days roll by and we creep closer and closer to Christmas, it’s only natural to enter panic-mode where your gift buying is concerned. With only a bit of time left before the big day and probably not much patience on your end, it can be helpful to find those ideal last minute gift ideas. In order to keep your sanity intact, we’ve done all the hunting for you and came up with these fabulous five last minute gift ideas that will put a smile on your loved ones’ face.

Help Them Get that Gleaming White Smile

A brilliant tactic that many seem to forget is that practicality, with a bit of added luxury, is normally a hit when it comes to finding the perfect gift. One of the go to ideas would be a quality electric toothbrush – it will definitely get used, and it’s expensive enough to look like you’ve really thought about the gift. So, why not help your loved one achieve that stunning white smile by picking up the Oral B 650 Electric Toothbrush. This is just one of many health deals available right now that won’t put a dent in your wallet but will hit a high note with the recipient.

Not only does this pack come with the electric toothbrush but it also features a tube of toothpaste to get them started with. The brush works by reminding the person to switch directions every 30 seconds. This helps to get a more thorough cleaning.

Track Their Progress with a Fitness Watch

Fitness watches are all the rage right now and with so many companies putting out their own version, you’ve got plenty of styles, colours, and features to choose from. Take, for example, the Garmin Fitness Watch that keeps track of the person’s daily step count, heart rate, and calories lost. This one connects through Bluetooth, which makes it possible to receive phone call alerts and notifications. One charge can last as long as five days.

Purchase an Experience for Them

If you’re ready to think outside the box, then an experience gift card could be just the idea. These are gift cards that treat them to an activity or an adventure such as rock climbing, indoor skydiving, cooking classes, etc.

Give Them the Gift of Scent

Another last minute gift idea that is always a big hit is either a perfume or cologne gift set. You’ll find there is no shortage of these sets available at this time of year, many of which come with extras such as moisturizer, shower gel, or even a purse-sized bottle of the scent. They tend to offer great value, which means you’re getting a good deal in the process.

You can pick a scent they already have and love, or you can be more adventurous and introduce them to a new scent that may become their new favourite.

The Gift that Keeps Giving

When it comes to popular gifts, it’s hard to beat the popularity of subscription boxes. These little boxes of goodness have really made a mark this year. You’ll find boxes that offer beauty products, lifestyle products, books, wine, cheeses, complete meals, magazines, tech gadgets, clothing, and so much more. Most of these services allow you to sign up for packages of a certain length of time, so you can give the person many months’ worth of gifts.

Don’t Sweat It

Thanks to these five great ideas there’s no reason to sweat the last minute shopping.

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